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Version 0.8.9.X - upcoming

(ETA: June 2023)

  • Waste management** (Reports #61 #62 #64 #69)

    • Citizens and industries producing waste​

    • Waste processing and recycling

    • New resources, buildings, and resource chains 

  • Demolition* (Report #71)

    • When something is demolished you need to process the waste from it​

    • You need to use explosives or workers to demolish something (you still can pay money for demolition and waste processing - not available in realistic mode)

    • Obsolete vehicles need to be scrapped (or you will pay for scrapping by money - not available on realistic mode)

    • New buildings - demolition offices and scrapping facilities

  • Maintenance* (Report #72)

    • Buildings get old and you will need to repair them

    • Vehicles get old and you need repair them

    • New buildings repair facilities

    • GUI and mechanics for automatic replacement of old road vehicles (possibility to set which type of vehicle will be replaced to which type, and from where it should be taken - purchased new, depots or brand-new vehicle)

  • Fertilizing** (Report #73)

    • Possible to fertilize fields and get higher amount of crops when harvesting​

    • With waste management turned on - two types of fertilisers - from bio waste and liquid/synthetic (without waste management enabled only liquid is available)

  • Researches** (Report #70)

    • New research programs for universities and research tree​

  • Mods incorporations* (Report #74)

    • Many mods will be taken from workshop and placed to vanilla games (we will negotiate with the authors and sign license contract, also the financial reward is offered to the authors)​

  • Western vehicles* (Report  #75)

    • More vehicles available for purchase for dollars (aside from workshop incorporation, which will contain also many western vehicles)​

  • Graphics replacement (replacement of old temporary models by new graphics)

    • Residential buildings, pub, small stores** (Report #68)​

    • Construction office, rail depot, rail construction office, train stations, bus stations (report #76)

  • Other features:

Version 1.0 - OUT OF EA

(ETA: September / October 2023)

  • Western vehicles

    • Another addition of western vehicles

  • SFX

  • Bug fixing

  • Other features (TBA - possible: optimizations, tutorials, scripting, more global events, etc.)

  • Translations

DLC - Deluxe version**

(Reports: #65 #66)

  • 3 new types of landscapes

    • Desert

    • Asian jungle

    • Siberia

  • New buildings

  • New trees

DLC - Realistic landscapes

  • Realistic landscapes (like Slovakia in vanilla)

    • Germany**
    • Estonia**

    • Czech Republic

    • Austria

    • Kaliningrad

    • Poland

    • Hungary


* - content is almost finished

** - content is finished, but more testing is needed and some of the tweaks


more DLCs - TBA

We will announce more DLCs in future :) There are many ideas like: Steam locomotives or early start, Space program, Army industry or combat, etc :)

Obsolete roadmap:

Roadmap to v1.0.0.png
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