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Report for the Community #66

Updated: Jan 27

Greetings dear comrades of the Soviet Republic. After couple of weeks we have another report for you and the goal of these is show you something we are working on and give you insight into the development process. Sometimes we are working on things under the hood and it may be very difficult to show in pictures what was done, and also the description in words may be very complicated. Because of that it may look like we do not focus on things we were mentioning in previous reports despite having our focus still set on them. So do not worry if this report will not be about waste management because it does not mean we do not work on that.

This report will conclude the information about future Deluxe DLC which will give you different environments. In last report we showed you the desert environment and in this we want to show the features of other two.

First of them is Asian environment. There will be a lot of jungle with mountains and hills but also with lowlands. The main difference is climate. There is no winter as we know but there is a rainy season with lower temperatures. This environment may be a bit easier to play based on that because you will not need to invest so much into heating fuel to sustain your population.

The other one will be Siberian environment. This may be the one most people are interested in because it will bring extra challenge due to climate difficulty. And you guess right the winter period will be longer and colder which will create harsh conditions for farming as you will have minimal time to sow your fields and then harvest them in time. And besides that you will have to deal with extra investments into heating.

All environments will be available as populated or non-populated maps. We hope you like the general idea behind this. There is no need to worry about wasting time and effort on something the game does not need. To implement these changes and make the graphical content for all climates is less complicated than to develop the whole waste management system. The main point is that if we have a good idea it is easier to implement it immediately than to put it on the list and do it later especially if we need something we can show you in reports because most of people would not be excited about development issues we deal with while dealing with complicated mechanics.

AMD Graphics card issue (flashing buildings, then freezing game)

Speaking about the development issues, finally we started to deal with the unpleasant issue some AMD graphics card owners (especially 6000 series deal with). We purchased the graphics card and installed into one of our PC and finally we were able to reproduced the issue. Now we are just checking out what is going on and to prevent the issue.. We believe we can deliver the fix next week on the test branch. For now it seems it is just some combination of small error in code, which is most drivers handled without issues, but not on the latest AMD drivers for this graphics card. Stay tuned for updates on this.. Meanwhile if you have 6000 or 7000 serious of AMD Radeon graphics card, check this thread to see a workaround:

And that is all we have for this report. Have fun, enjoy life and stay tuned for the next report.

Thank You for Your Support

3Division Team

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