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Please help us! :-)

More info you collect about your issue, quicker we figure out what's going on. Provide your save, screenshots or videos, and steps which to follow to see the issue.


If your issue can be reproduced on new map, no save is needed.

Thank you so much for making Soviet Republic better!

STEAM forums

If save or image upload is not necessary, you can use also the STEAM forums to let us know about bugs or your suggestions for game

How to send us your save?

  1. Open folder of the game (hint here)

  2. Open folder "media_soviet/save"

  3. ZIP a folder with save, which you would like to send us

  4. Upload your ZIP save to the form bellow


Note: Do not send saves if they are marked as corrupted.

Suggestions to STEAM forum.

Bug report form

If we not answer,

please check SPAM folder :-)

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