Please help us! :-)

If you would like to help us so much as is possible, please try collect much more info about your issue as possible - try discover the exact steps which will help us reproduce the issue​.

Sometime is issue easier to reproduce on your saved game, in that case, if you are able to do, you can provide your saved game, so we can easily reproduce issue. 

If your issue can be reproduced on new map, you don't need to provide for us your save, just provide image or describe what we should do. 

Thanks for any help!

How to send us your save?

  • Access the folder where the game is installed (hint here)

  • Open "media_soviet" folder

  • Open "save" folder

  • ZIP a folder with save you would like to send us

  • Upload your ZIP save to form bellow

Note: if you would like to send images or other files, it not necessary to ZIP, you can send directly the JPG or PNG

Note2: Not send us the the saves if they are marked as corrupted

Read the troubleshooting and FAQ prior to contacting us

STEAM forums

If save or image upload is not necessary, you can use also the STEAM forums to let us know about bugs or your suggestions for game

PLEASE not use this form for suggestions, STEAM forum is good for that!

In case your upload will fail or upload dialog will not works use backup support page :-)


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