Content update #11 introduces new metro and tram transport infrastructure as well as the community requested ‘Realistic Mode’, realistic borders and a new water erosion tool for the editor.

The community requested Realistic Mode will bring an additional difficulty level for players making the game more systematic and management heavy. Realistic mode will remove all options to purchase goods and vehicles inside facilities directly and remove the option to complete construction using money. This brings several new challenges for the planning process as every resource needs to be transported to your storage facilities from customs house at the border and every vehicle needs to be able to get to the depot from the border under its own power. There will be no sudden appearance of resources inside buildings and no magically appearing infrastructure or buildings. Of course, this mode will be optional as you really need to be very familiar with the game mechanics and be successful when starting a new Republic.

In addition to the Realistic Mode comes the new Realistic Borders update. Previously we only supported square borders, meaning your Republic was always square. The new Realistic Borders update allows you to edit your Republic’s border adding a new level of realism. We have also developed the first map - Slovakia - using the new Realistic Borders feature to showcase what can be done in the editor.

We have also produced the new Water Erosion tool for the terrain editor which will change the random generated terrain into something more realistic. It can also be used to smooth out imported maps

Two of the key new improvements to your Republic’s transport infrastructure are the Metro and Tram updates. We were able to create models for surface metro stations and a new surface metro and railway end station to enable you to plan your public transport network easier. There will be two surface metro stations with varied sizes available as well as an end station which you will be able to use for metro or normal trains.

We have also been working on the basic structures required for trams to operate. For this update, we have added new tram stops, one bigger and one smaller as well as a new way to connect between tramrail road and rails.

Content Update #11 main features:

  • Build underground stations and tracks with the new Metro infrastructure system.

  • Trams infrastructure with new tram stops and connection systems.

  • Super realistic mode

  • Water erosion for terrain editor (for faster smoothing of terrain)

  • Realistic republic borders are now implemented.

  • New Slovakia map with realistic borders

Other notable changes:

  • fixed vehicle movement in mirror buildings

  • utra high shadows settings.. ultra low shadows setting

  • longer city names

  • tunnel boring machine

  • limit for loans

  • construction of pipelines or wires not directly connected to end buildings

  • pedestrian pass displayed on the road only when on both sides pedestrian

  • export/import via the ships/airplanes or helicopters not affecting the prices so much

  • panel road

  • merging unfinished infrastructures into bigger pieces (as in blueprint mode)

  • Possible to use custom house with construction office

  • Possible to use foreign workers from custom house

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Greetings dear comrades of the Soviet Republic. Another two weeks passed away and the metro update is not out yet. We are sorry for that, but obstacles that prevent the release are not related to coding itself and we may give you some insight into the development process which is not only about adding new features and fixing the game code itself. While in releasing the game for close and open testing is quite straight forward, we need to do more when we want to release the official update and even we may have the code ready and tested with all the graphic art related to release, there are other PR related things that have to be done and we have a delay in some stuff there. So, we are delayed again, and it can be released any day if the last things are done properly.

We do not have a lot of things to share with you besides this. The changes are not always visible enough or not easy to describe in words. But we can show you something new and even it looks quite trivial it may make the game better. We were working on adding new outlines to objects in the game. Until now the objects over which you hovered the mouse or were selected were highlighted by yellow color gradient. Now we changed that and there will be a thin yellow outline to highlight the desired objects.

Here are other instances how the new highlighting will work.

And now you can see it is not always about the surface with fancy graphics in game, and even coding does not include the rest of the development process. We need to do much more and sometimes we need to outsource stuff because the team has great skills in some areas but in others not coding related, we may be less experienced. We are learning in the process and there is quite a bit to get through until we will be able to release the game to the public.

We are working not only on the outside and inside of the game, but also in background to help spread the news about the game that more people may be engaged and enjoy it. Though it may look like it is only about making more money, actually we need to prepare for the future as we want to stay in business, and not rely on this single game only with ability to keep up with future development and updates of this game. We hope you can bear with us even in times we cannot keep with the timeline we aimed for. This report is a shorter one and does not contain lot of exciting stuff but at least it gives us an opportunity to show that there is also behind the scenes process for the game. Until next time, enjoy life, have fun, and stay tuned for the upcoming reports.

Thank You for Your support

3Division Team

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Greetings dear Comrades. We are aware that expectations are high while the public release of the metro update to all players was delayed again. Things did not go as we planned timewise, and new bugs were found, so we needed to release a hotfix, but it is really about last touches which are needed for the release. And as this was delayed mainly by critical bugs found, we were already focusing more on the waste management update which will come after this, and we can give you more insight into what you may expect.

So, what was done for the waste management update? We are working on completion of graphics for the garbage trucks. We added few new garbage trucks and animations for the container collection and waste dumping.

We also have the container stands ready and also made the mechanics for the technical services to allow them collect and transport different types of waste, but collection of separated waste will require special container stands which will be available only after some research will be done.

Next things we have done are the visualizations for the different types of waste inside the storage. There will be new waste dumping sites, but you will be able to store some waste in open storages (plastic waste) and others in aggregate storages (construction waste and scraps). The main difference between the storage with or without a loading crane is the speed of loading.

Then we have a functional incinerator.

Nest we want to focus on waste separation and processing. We need to make the buildings which will process the different types of separated waste. And for now, we only have small containers for the residential areas. We want to add large containers which will be used for industrial purposes. More about those in upcoming report.

We really want to finalize the current update and release it. If everything would go according to our plans, but on the other hand everything is still going according to plans only the timing is not how it was planned, so you can expect all the features we are planning for added, and even more if we find some interesting ideas in the process. You can already see that the waste management will be quite complex, and it will not be only for residentials but also for industrials. Then also some research will be connected with separated waste and of course other features of the game may become researchable too. For now, this is all we have for you. Until next time enjoy life, have fun, and stay tuned for the next report.

Thank You for Your support

3Division Team

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