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Report for the Community #79

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

Greetings, esteemed comrades of the Soviet Republic and devoted fans of this magnificent game. As you may already know, after a rejuvenating vacation week, we have returned to our offices with renewed vigour and determination. The evidence of our dedication can be seen in the changelog of the latest update, released following our much-needed break.

Our ultimate goal is to present the game as version 1.0, and to achieve this, we must conquer several smaller milestones on our ambitious roadmap. Among these milestones is our mission to add more diversity to existing structures and fascilities, enhance graphics, and expand the array of available vehicles and mechanisms. Furthermore, there may be additional milestones to strive for even after the grand release.

Today, we take immense pleasure in presenting you with some captivating images showcasing the remarkable work of our graphic designers, both internal and external. First and foremost, we unveil new textures for pipelines and a complete replacement of liquid storage models. Additionally, we are introducing two smaller sizes of liquid storages, which will prove to be invaluable in facilitating fuel and liquid fertilizer distribution.

In our unwavering pursuit of excellence, we have embarked on updating the appearances of the brick factory and electronics assembly halls, transforming them into symbols of industry and innovation. These models will be automatically updated after their release.

Furthermore, our relentless pursuit of visual perfection led us to revamp the visuals of open storage under the expert guidance of our internal graphic designer, Vlado. As we march forward, we have other graphical improvements planned, as we endeavour to offer you the finest graphics possible in version 1.0. Your insights and suggestions are deeply valued; feel free to share them with us through the Steam Forums if you believe there are structures deserving of further attention from a graphic design perspective. Your feedback shapes the evolution of our game, and we believe there are more in-game models worthy of our graphic designers' love and care.

As we work diligently to fulfil our vision, our esteemed comrade 4smiler is diligently finalizing the introduction of currently missing wagons in the game. Additionally, our esteemed external graphic designer, Karel, is tirelessly toiling to infuse the game with the marvels of western mechanization.

These graphical enhancements are not intended to alter the way you play the game fundamentally. However, the varied sizes of storages offer practical utility, while also providing a visual spectacle for your enjoyment and screenshot endeavours. We recognize that some games may focus on playability with less emphasis on graphics, but in our game, we aspire to offer both worlds: profound playability within the constraints of the engine and captivating visuals that delight the senses.

We hope you revel in the diverse facets of our game. It may not be flawless, but its greatness shines through as long as you derive joy and amusement from it, and we relish every moment of the development process. You play the game, and we play with the code, a symbiotic dance of creation and experience. In this process, we gain invaluable knowledge and experience, propelling us towards the realization of future projects that were once mere dreams. At present, we gather wisdom and expertise, paving the way for a brighter tomorrow.

Stay tuned for forthcoming reports, where we shall divulge more about what lies ahead. In the meantime, remember to cherish life, indulge in merriment beyond the screen, and ensure your safety. Be assured that we value your unwavering support, and together, we shall embark on an unforgettable journey.

Thank you for your unwavering support,

3Division Team.

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