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Report for the Community #75

Greetings, Comrades of the Soviet Republic, and fans of our game! The workers and developers in our digital factory have been burning the midnight oil, making progress for our beloved game. We are pouring our hearts into this venture to give you more ways to enjoy the game and make your gaming experience better than ever.

Our big news is about the upcoming beta test release. We are thrilled and excited - just like you, dear comrades - because this release signifies a huge leap forward in our journey.

As we write this, our diligent team is busy testing the game. So far, we are happy to report that no major problems have appeared to delay our plans. That means, comrades, that the dawn of a new game day is on the horizon. Maybe in just a week or a few more days, you will be able to join us on this exciting journey and play the updated game. But remember, it is still a beta version. It is an adventure into fresh territory, and you might find some bugs lurking here and there. But for those courageous players eager to explore, the game will soon be ready for you to dive in.

Now, let us talk about new US vehicles in our game. We added some cool trucks and buses that you might recognize. It is easier to show you pictures than describe them in words. And good news - adding new vehicles is easier than creating new features, so expect more soon!

We have more exciting news. If you turn on the Maintenance feature, you can buy used vehicles. You can find them at any Customs House, and each one will have different vehicles. This means you might want to check more customs and see what they have. You might find cheaper vehicles, or ones you never thought to use before.

You can also store these used vehicles. That is right, comrades. We have storage for containers and vehicles. You can even load them onto trains and ships. This means you can move vehicles between islands or bring in used ones from other places.

We also added a new feature you have asked for. Now, you can choose what vehicles or containers to load. This makes it easier to handle containers. You can load containers with only certain resources. For vehicles, if you do not set the type to load, it will only load ones that work at the target location.

These changes may seem small, but they make a significant difference, especially for containers. Before, containers were mostly used for import and export. Now, you can use them more in your own country because you can store different resources in one place and pick only certain ones when loading.

That is all the news for this report, comrades. At first, it did not seem like there would be much to share. But as we keep testing, we hope there will be no big delays. This update is one of our biggest, so there might be some problems. If you find bugs, let us know, and we will work hard to fix them. You can report them on the Steam Community Forums, where you can talk to others who have the same issue.

Most importantly, remember to enjoy life, have fun, and wait for our next report.

Thank you for your support.

3Division Team

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34 Kommentare

maikl bokins
maikl bokins
04. Juli 2023


Уважаемые разработчики этой Супер игры !!! В игре очень не хватает :

Дизельное топливо 🚚🚉 ,

Керосин авиационный ✈️ ,

Газ пропан и бензин "Аи 92-95" 🚕🚐 !!!

Gefällt mir

11. Juni 2023

"Maybe in just a week or a few more days"

It is almost two weeks waiting waiting

Gefällt mir

Arthur Soares
Arthur Soares
10. Juni 2023

"Maybe in just a week or a few more days" - Hype, hype, hype!

Gefällt mir

Der Sascha
Der Sascha
08. Juni 2023

Hi there,

Your new update is really exited and I am really looking forward to play this.

One idea to the Trash Update.

Some of the countries are specialised to manage the trash from other countries.

That will be a good business here as well. At least for the RM.

Is there any idea to get an import of foreign trash?

(the idea behind there, instead of buying materials, you by the cheap trash from the Nato or Soviet side and produce your own source for raw materials)

It should not be a big business, but it helps you to safe money.

Gefällt mir

02. Juni 2023

Dobrý den, chtěl by se zeptat, jestli nemáte lánu nějaké update silnic?

Gefällt mir
Drauzus Enterpraises
Drauzus Enterpraises
05. Juni 2023
Antwort an

I love czech people

Gefällt mir
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