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Report for the Community #68

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

Greetings dear Comrades of the Soviet Republic. Even we are going through tough times while developing the game, we decided that we can bring you some news about the work we have done recently in the game. Currently we do not have any news about takedown issue. We will keep you informed. As you can see in previous special report, the game has been taken down from Steam Store due to DMCA takedown notice in relation to recent realistic mode we added into the game. We filled a counter-notice and now we need to wait.

And as we are waiting on legal issues to be resolved, we can continue working on new features and other game related stuff. Lot of graphics in the game is outdated and needs an update. Most urgent ones in our opinion are small grocery shop, small store, pub and brick buildings. We decided to replace them by making proper details and level of detail meshes for them to save performance while they are being used.

If you are already using these buildings, they will be just replaced after the update, and you will see them in their new form.

Another reason for this step is that we are working on researches for the upcoming update and residential buildings from prefab panels will be locked behind research. That means you will probably have to use brick residential buildings when you start a new republic. But we want to remind you, that you can turn ON or OFF any difficulty level in our game. So, if you do not like to play with research you can just turn the feature off.

Then we have some useful information for you that somehow went under the radar about already existing mechanics. As not every player has a longer term republic developed many of them did not even notice why electronics became a major complication for your economy over time. When we did an update to make electronics production more challenging, we made couple of changes and one of them you may know. That is that the consumption of electronics is growing gradually until year 2000. It is simply 30% higher after year 2000 than it was in year 1960.

But we added another change which we forgot the introduce. There is a mechanic which is making the production of electronics and electronic components more expensive over time and consists of two parts. First is the production decrease over time. In 1960 you have basic production and it goes slowly down until year 2037 when the vanilla electronics assembly line and electronics components factory will produce only 30% of resource compared to year 1960. The other is the factory’s consumption increase when the factory is consuming more resources for production over time. For electronics assembly hall it goes up to 200% in 2060 and for electronics components factory it goes up to 170% in year 2030, compared to year 1960. But these values apply to vanilla buildings because modders can define these values in their factory’s .ini file.

What does that mean? If the electronics assembly hall is producing 4,5 t of electronics in year 1960 it will produce only 1,35 t of electronics in year 2037 per workday at maximal utilization. On the other hand, if it needs 1,5 t of electronic components (or other resources) to produce that in year 1960 then it will require 3,0 t of electronic components in year 2060. And this makes electronics more valuable and difficult to produce somewhat simulating the technological advance. Another thing is that this is the main reason why the price of electronics goes up so much over decades and you may consider to invest lot more into production of this valuable resource especially, if you are planning your republic to continue over in-game centuries and you may also consider using electronics as low volume and high value reserve resource (it is not succeptible to inflation as money) for rainy days, because the game can surprise you whenever you keep expanding and that is the beauty of it as we are making it more complex and challenging to play.

And that is all for this report. Even if we are facing attacks, we still have enough resources to continue the development of the game even if the game would be banned for months or years. But the truth always wins. We will keep you updated about the game development process or any publicly suitable information that may affect it. So enjoy life, have fun and stay tuned for the next report.

Thank You for Your Support

3Division Team.

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