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Report for the Community #72

Greetings, dear Comrades of the Soviet Republic and fellow fans of this game! Thanks to the unwavering determination and tireless efforts of our esteemed development team, we are proud to announce a new feature that will elevate the level of realism in our game to unprecedented heights. As we march forward towards a brighter future, we must ensure that our transportation and infrastructure remain strong and resilient. That is why we are introducing the vehicle aging and building deterioration system, which will simulate the natural wear and tear that occurs over time.

But fear not, Comrades! We have also implemented a robust maintenance system to keep our buildings and vehicles in top condition. After all, a strong and prosperous Soviet Republic relies on a well-maintained infrastructure.

Building maintenance

Comrades, the buildings of our Soviet Republic are not just lifeless structures, they are the very essence of our prosperity and glory! However, even the mightiest of buildings can suffer from the effects of time and neglect. If we do not take care of them, they may crumble into ruins, bringing any great nation down with them.

The building maintenance system in game will simulate real-world building maintenance while also considering the gameplay elements. Players will be able to use construction offices to perform maintenance tasks. One challenge of building maintenance is that repairs can often disrupt the normal function of a building. To address this issue, the game will allow players to perform maintenance of buildings while they continue to be in use. However, some types of structures may experience reduced productivity during the maintenance period.

When building needs maintenance, players will be able to see its current state of wear and tear on the buildings as cracks and drips. Construction office will automatically search for reconstruction sites in their range and then bring resources required for reconstruction (such as steel, bricks, prefabs etc.) to the site together with the workforce and cranes needed to complete the job. The cost of maintenance will depend on the type of building, and its current condition.

Vehicle maintenance

Comrades! As we march forward towards a glorious future, let us not forget the importance of our vehicles in transporting goods and comrades across vast distances. These vehicles, just like our buildings, must be maintained to ensure they continue to serve the needs of our Soviet Republic.

As our vehicles age, they may show signs of wear and tear, such as rust. Our specialized repair stations will be able to handle any type of vehicle, whether it be road, train, aircraft, or ship. These repair stations are the lifeline of our transportation network, ensuring that our vehicles continue to function at their best.

Regular line vehicles such as buses will visit these repair stations directly, while vehicles working in specialized buildings will be repaired directly in their workplace. And for those vehicles that don't move on roads, our repair stations have a new automatic connection with nearby rail depots, airport parking, heliports, and harbors to ensure they too can be serviced.

We must not forget that broken-down vehicles can cause traffic jams and delays, leading to decreased productivity and unhappy citizens. By setting repair intervals and regularly maintaining our vehicles, we can keep our transportation network running smoothly and efficiently..

Automatic vehicle replacement

Comrades! It is not just about maintenance, for we understand that at some point, old vehicles must be replaced. That is why we have implemented a feature that allows players to observe and set automatic replacements based on wear and tear. Our new system will enable players to specify which type of vehicle should replace the older ones, whether it be a new purchase or a depot vehicle.

We have even included 3 checkboxes to identify suitable old vehicle replacements. Firstly, we will check for a replacement vehicle type in the depot. If none is available, we will check the storage of brand new vehicles. Only as a last resort, will a new vehicle be purchased. We have given players the power to uncheck these checkboxes to avoid unwanted purchases.

By specifying which types of vehicles should replace the old ones, our players can ensure that their transportation network is always up-to-date and efficient. The ability to choose where to source replacement vehicles from will give players control over their budget and resources. However, let it be known that this will still require a great deal of micromanagement.

In real life, corporate fleet managers are in charge of vehicle management. Now, our players will face a similar challenge. We have provided you with the tools to succeed. We are confident that our loyal players will find a way to implement efficient systems, even when dealing with hundreds or thousands of different vehicles. Your feedback will help us improve the system even further.

Vehicle scrapping

And lastly, comrades, we have added a vehicle scrapping feature! To make use of this feature, players will need to build specialized facilities for scrapping old vehicles. These facilities will extract usable waste that can be used in vehicle production lines to assemble new vehicles. There will be two sizes of scrapping facilities - smaller ones for road vehicles and larger ones for trains, aircraft, and ships.

These new features will add more realism and challenges to the game, making it even more engaging and enjoyable for our players. The requirement to maintain buildings and vehicles will add additional cost over time, giving players a reason to keep construction offices in all areas. Together, we shall build the greatest economy simulating game the world has ever seen!

Comrades, rejoice! Our glorious efforts to revolutionize the gaming industry continue with addition of these new features!

We hope that you, fellow citizens, appreciate the fruits of our labor and continue to support our cause. Be sure to stay tuned for our next report, as we strive to push the boundaries of what is possible in the gaming world!

In the meantime, go out and enjoy life! And remember, always have fun while embracing the ideals and greatness!

Thank You for Your Support

3Division Team

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Michal Palma
Michal Palma
May 04, 2023

Underground pipes management with blocked roads signs when? 😀


Dominik Kluczek
Dominik Kluczek
Apr 30, 2023

Or for added realism, road accidents and plane crashes?


Ereney Sertukin
Ereney Sertukin
Apr 28, 2023

Иконок в меню становится всё больше, а управление ими всё неудобнее.

Верните открытие основного меню при вызове инструмента через горячую клавишу.

Например, чтобы при выборе грунтовой дороги через горячую клавишу открывалось всё меню дорог внизу экрана.


Luck ins
Luck ins
Apr 27, 2023

Add road destruction over time so that, for example, an asphalt road turns into a dirt road or the runway will eventually collapse and become unsuitable for landing. I would also add unpaved runways, concrete slab strips and asphalt


Good Smile
Good Smile
Apr 27, 2023

Пора подумать о расширения карты игры 20-20 км уже маловато для такого количество добавления. Делайте уже эти крутившиеся колеса на поезда и разметку полос дорог

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