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Report for the Community #70

Greetings, dear Comrades of the Soviet Republic. Finally, the website is back online, and we can have the reports as we used to make them before. Do not worry, we are not going to replace the team by some kind of bot or AI, and we do not want to lose our contact with community members. We are still listening and reading your feedback and suggestions, and today we have something many of you were asking for, information about the current state of the new research tree that we are planning to add to the game in the upcoming content update. There are quite a few interesting items in the tree for you to enjoy in future that you did not have access to before, but it will also be restrictive by locking access to certain features and technologies in early game.

The current research tree is not final, and we are going to add more research and there is a potential to add even more after the research will be added into game, which means you can expect even more researchable items than those available after the update will be released. We also need to consider some tweaks, and the current requirements for completing of research may be changed to make some research harder to obtain. So, there are mostly three groups of research. One group is locking of already existing technology or features, other is improvement (or buff) of existing features, and another is unlocking access to currently unavailable facilities or new features.

You need to count in that technical university will not be the only viable university in early game as the technical university is used to unlock more advanced technology. Nowadays you cannot produce chemicals, plastics mechanical components, electronic components, and electronics without research. But after the update also Steel Production, Oil Refining, Bauxite Mining, Green Energy, and Nuclear Production chain will be locked, and each Vehicle Production Line will require its own research. Additionally, the player will not have access to resource view on mini map until the respective research is done in Technical University. That means a player with active research feature will be quite limited in early game and will have to choose what direction he wants to go early, and over time he can eventually complete all research programs.

After the research will be implemented, we can see that many players will choose to build Communist HQ as first university, as it is required to unlock access to Distribution Offices and Loyalty policies which can be more important in early game. Do not worry, you will be still able to use Free Distribution offices in early game (even if only in limited number) as bringing fuel into Free Gas Station would be a real problem without them. But without completing research in the Communist HQ there will also be no access to helicopters, large monuments, high quality of living residentials, no radio broadcast, and no tourism for Your Republics. And there is also certain research that requires you to complete multiple preceding research programs in more than one university.

Then there is the Medical University which will most of players may skip in early game but later it can provide you with some broadly desired buffs for your citizens as your population with industrial output and pollution grows, which will help them to better sustain cold temperatures, pollution, lower the impact of alcohol consumption or some kind of birth control. As you can see this University offers buffs for already existing mechanics connected to citizens. But there is other research not necessarily in this university that offers improvement for something that already is in the game. As example we can use the research for pollution reducing filters, fertilizing of fields, and sustainable forestry.

We are implementing a research tree in which you need to go through certain research to get the option to complete more advanced research. And the most advanced technologies like vehicle production lines, nuclear energy and aluminium production will be last in their branch and will require significant investment into workforce especially for small population. But as bonus you will be able to research some special border connection which you cannot currently build on your own in the game like a soviet or western pipeline connection to export or import oil through pipes. In the picture below you can see the icons from the game’s research folder we currently have but more may be added.

As you can see with research implemented, you will no longer be able to do certain things without establishing your own population even some people may try to play in a way that if it burns down then I just rebuild it. Do not worry, we have another feature for you in that case which will be introduced further in future reports, and that is building demolition which means that ruins will not just disappear anymore with building and vehicle maintenance, which may require additional workforce. We hope you like the challenge we are preparing for you, and as always you will have the choice to play with or without research.

We also updated the current Roadmap with ETAs for release of information about upcoming features. You can check it here or switch to its tab on top of our website.

Another piece of news is that Peter has started an Instagram account for Soviet Republic. You can find various behind-the-scenes glimpses and interesting facts about the game and its development on this channel."

And that is all we have for you today. Until next time, enjoy life, have fun, and stay tuned for the next report.

Thank You for Your support.

3Division Team

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