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Report for the Community #67

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

Greetings dear comrades of the Soviet Republic. First month of the year which should be the coldest in Europe has passed away which means that people can ease on their energetic concerns which are caused by raised consumption of energy for heating purposes. But why do we mention this here? It is because we want to introduce something that many of you wanted, and we have dedicated significant amount of time to deal with the problem and provide a solution. We have something special for you and this will greatly improve your power distribution, making wind and solar energy more viable, and you will also be able to manage priorities for power distribution after it will be released.

We added brand new power switches which would not be anything extra besides the option to have more variety, but we added special switches for power distribution which will allow you to set priorities. What does that mean? These switches have inputs and have outputs which can have different priorities. Those with orange power sings in the picture are the ones.

So, what is the use for these? It is simple but powerful. You may have a wind farm or solar power source and you want the grid to be using that as a source whenever available. Then you connect that to the switch and give it higher priority as a source. On the other source branch you connect fuel burning power plant with lower priority and the switch will draw power primarily always from higher priority source and only the rest of required power will be drawn from lower priority power. You can even have three sources, wind, nuclear and coal in a single switch with wind as highest and coal as lowest (as it is always the most expensive) to secure power supply at all times.

Besides that you can prioritize the outputs too which means you can set a residential area as priority for distribution with some industrial area which is not so critical as lower priority. In that case the low power situation when there may be not enough workers available in power plant to power everything, may not be so critical because the industrial facilities will be shut down first and only if there is not enough for residents then they will be out of power.

But there is another case for use of these new switches and you may guessed it right. It is great to manage power imports/exports. You can simply set the power import input as lower priority or power export output as lower priority. In that scenario you will import power only when it is needed or export only the excess of power you have. This way you will never import power if it is not necessary or export when you cannot afford it.

Another thing we can show you in picture and we successfully implemented is adding of higher quality Screen Space Ambient Occlusion which is already in the game. It is slowing the FPS a bit but most of modern graphic cards should be able to handle it with ease and you can see a real difference in pictures.

This is a full scene before and after (you have to zoom in to see the difference).

We hope these are good news for those who may have been disappointed thinking we are all in for DLC development. It is not that way. We have many other things in development besides the waste management and we will inform you in proper time as we need more than words to describe the ideas. There may be some surprises because it is not all in the roadmap what we have on our list, and in the end it is all for the game to make it even better and more interesting to play for more people even it may not be the genre for everybody. Anyway, that is all we have for you today. We wish you health and success. Enjoy life, have fun and stay tuned for the next report.

Thank You for Your Support

3Division Team

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