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Report for the Community #62

Updated: Mar 18

Greetings dear Comrades. We are aware that expectations are high while the public release of the metro update to all players was delayed again. Things did not go as we planned timewise, and new bugs were found, so we needed to release a hotfix, but it is really about last touches which are needed for the release. And as this was delayed mainly by critical bugs found, we were already focusing more on the waste management update which will come after this, and we can give you more insight into what you may expect.

So, what was done for the waste management update? We are working on completion of graphics for the garbage trucks. We added few new garbage trucks and animations for the container collection and waste dumping.

We also have the container stands ready and also made the mechanics for the technical services to allow them collect and transport different types of waste, but collection of separated waste will require special container stands which will be available only after some research will be done.

Next things we have done are the visualizations for the different types of waste inside the storage. There will be new waste dumping sites, but you will be able to store some waste in open storages (plastic waste) and others in aggregate storages (construction waste and scraps). The main difference between the storage with or without a loading crane is the speed of loading.

Then we have a functional incinerator.

Nest we want to focus on waste separation and processing. We need to make the buildings which will process the different types of separated waste. And for now, we only have small containers for the residential areas. We want to add large containers which will be used for industrial purposes. More about those in upcoming report.

We really want to finalize the current update and release it. If everything would go according to our plans, but on the other hand everything is still going according to plans only the timing is not how it was planned, so you can expect all the features we are planning for added, and even more if we find some interesting ideas in the process. You can already see that the waste management will be quite complex, and it will not be only for residentials but also for industrials. Then also some research will be connected with separated waste and of course other features of the game may become researchable too. For now, this is all we have for you. Until next time enjoy life, have fun, and stay tuned for the next report.

Thank You for Your support

3Division Team

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