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Report for the Community #64

Greetings dear Comrades of the Soviet Republic. While the World is putting its foot on the gas in preparation for the upcoming Christmas season and the weather is getting colder, we are bringing you some fresh information about the next Update for the game, and we would like to release the update in first quarter next year. In the past we hoped we can release the game fully at that time but the features we want to add require much more time and attention, and thus it takes longer to get them into the game. Despite all that you can enjoy the game as it is in early access stage and recently the Metro update was finally released for all players.

So, what do we have for you today? This report will be again about garbage, and hopefully it will give you better insight into the core mechanics behind. In the first picture you can see our brand-new addition to game’s vehicle park, a garbage truck for large containers and a large container stand. There will be two types of containers, small ones which will be used mainly in residential areas and the large ones which will be used for industrial purposes. The garbage loading speed will depend on sending the right truck to right place as there will be buildings which will handle small containers, large containers and some garbage dumping sites with waste lying on the ground.

In this picture you can see our new waste separation plant which will separate waste into different waste types (plastic waste, metal scrap, aluminium scrap, construction waste and other waste). This will act universally for all kinds of waste separation, but we have also more effective specialized separation plants for each type of waste which means they will separate only one type of waste from the rest which will be useful in dealing with waste from certain facilities where one type of higher value waste prevails.

Then we have new recycling plants for plastics and gravel. The first one processes plastic waste into usable plastics and the other construction waste into gravel. We are planning to add plants which will change metal scraps into steel and aluminium too.

In addition to these we have functional incinerators. One acts as power plant and the other as heating plant with heating values depending on waste you bring in which was mentioned in one of previous reports. But all of this will not be available if you will not have research turned off because most of the facilities for waste processing will be locked by research. And there will be much more locked or unlocked by research which we can write about in upcoming reports.

You can see there is immense potential for different builds and some logistical challenges with the garbage collection update. One thing we were dealing with was waste out of some facilities like the steel mill which processes a lot of resources each day so we needed to find some balance as each day it can process 200t of iron and 375t of coal with 42t of steel as output. So where will the remaining 533t of mass go each day? That can be a lot of pollution and lot of waste to process. And that is only one of the challenges on our side because we want to make the waste processing manageable from the logistic standpoint and fun to play with.

If we would keep the 2-week cycle for the reports the next would have to come out during Christmas weekend. It may be better just to delay the next report, skip the holiday week, and release it during the first week of year 2023 instead. This way we can avoid doing things in a hurry while dealing with holiday related things. We hope you can wait a bit longer in this case. Until then, enjoy the time you spend with others, have fun, and stay tuned for the next report. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance

Thank You for Your support

3Division Team

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29 comentarios

Brendon Green
Brendon Green
04 ene 2023

Wow, garbage and recycling is awesome, but... is there any plan to allow collection and recycling of building materials from demolished buildings? How much would it change the mechanics and dynamics of the game if demolished buildings became piles of rubble that then needed to be trucked away and then stored in landfill or sorted by the recycling network?

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U ser (황금강쥐)
U ser (황금강쥐)
01 ene 2023


Me gusta

30 dic 2022

Happy New Year! 🍾❄️⛄️

Me gusta

27 dic 2022

hi i have 2 ideas. first is a fish industry where would be 3 (or more) diffrent types of fishes. type of fish would depend of climate (my second idea) there would be a slaughter house etc., , and second one is to add a climate, for example tropical one that would have diffrent trees, water would be more yellow or cyan and there winter or fall wouldn't be that cold and without snow, or the cold syberian one when only in summer there wouldn't be snow but temperature would be around 5 degrees C :) sorry for my bad english

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Hermanni Rousku
Hermanni Rousku
26 dic 2022

Looking forward everything. If more western vehicles are gonna be implemented, that will be cool. Can't wait to see citizens drive their Citroën.

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