This update of Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic is focused in Nuclear Industry. Now you’ve got the opportunity to manage the full chain of production, from uranium ore to nuclear fuel, and you can command nuclear plants to provide energy to the whole country. Moreover, this upgrade introduces the distribution offices –garages with trucks that automatically distribute resources and goods according the needs –, it includes propaganda transparents on the buildings, and it features new types of electric poles. The game is also now feature a random map generator.

You can find more info here:

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This update of Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic adds a new type of transportation, the cableways, which will help you establish a mine in an inaccessible terrain. In addition, you now can connect factories by running forklifts to transport goods from one factory to another.

Moreover, this upgrade allows you to get all the resources you need –steel, mechanical components, etc— into a production line to produce trains, wagons and cableway cars either for your own needs or for foreign countries. Several tutorials have also been added so you can easily learn how to play the game.

New Features

  • New type of transportation: cableway

  • Forklifts added to create complex industrial areas

  • Create one way roads and optimize your network

  • New terminals to increase vehicle throughout

  • Manufacture trains from your own resources

  • Tutorials included to learn basic and advanced game mechanics

What is next?

As you can see the update contains also the ships! Those are not fully released, we will add now more types of harbor and ships, and we will officially release this stuff soon. But basically ships are functional just we lack a content there.

We already working hard on the new features which are:

  • Nuclear industry chain and nuclear power plants

  • Airplanes

  • Seasons

  • Heating

  • Helicopters

  • And smaller features like support of scrolling in the windows, screenmarks to better find something on map and so on

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Added trolleybuses, workshop support and performance optimizations

List of new features

  • Trolleybuses was introduced

  • Multi-threading - better performance, what was seems impossible, we managed to add. On most of PCs increase in performance is about 75-100% somewhere noticed even more than 100%. Now game runs on two cores instead one (one for rendering one for game-mechanics) ..

  • landscape editor.. you can now create your own landscapes.. and make then available for other users, or you can subscribe workshop items.. and start new game on landscapes from other users

  • vehicle workshop support

  • building workshop support


Already there is a lot of content you can subscribe. Visit workshop page: (detailed documentation for creation workshop items is still in the development and soon will be published on visible places.)

What will come next?

We already have in progress several new things including ships, cableway, one way road and the basic tutorial for newcomers. I hope soon those things will be introduced on the beta branch for public test. We also will soon start work on an cargo containers, forklift functionality and hope very soon on airplanes too.

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