This update of Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic introduces airplanes, including the airport design and implementation

Operate the airplanes and build the aluminium industry chain so you can construct airplanes. Go through all the process, from the extraction of bauxite to the treatment of aluminium oxide, before obtaining the finished aluminium.

Moreover, this upgrade of Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic also contains the introduction of tourism as a new profitable business. Bring foreign tourists to your country, build amusement parks or other attractions and create new ways of earning additional income.

The update also features a great improvement in the models of the citizens and all the SFX have been implemented and revised by the slovak sound studio Grand Beats. Last, the first version of the building editor has been completed.

Main features

  • airplanes

  • tourism

  • new SFX (UI, vehicles, buildings, ambient sfx) still WIP

  • building editor first version

  • better accessible terrain editor, without requirement to create workshop item

  • new citizens models

  • global events (still WIP)

  • performance optimizations for DX11.1

  • three new tutorials

  • cloud saves

  • added mixed signals.. half normal half chain

  • new camera controls LALT to rotate and X/C

  • new roman trucks

  • sirens SFX

  • texts on mini map

  • increased railway length for train production line

  • workshop support for building skins

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As the end of this year is closing in and we are slowly entering the holiday season, we continue to work on fixing issues, players and testers found in beta test, to be able to switch beta into stable. The last week was about bug fixes and it would not be overly exciting to write about them, but some progress was made. We also made some tweaks to epidemy global event, mainly to make it less common and changed its impact on population.

From among new features, we want to mention the change we made for workers moving on foot. Until now they were walking only on roads and pathways and they disappeared when they reached the building. That is going to be changed. We want to have them moving not only outside buildings but also inside, because some of them have some exterior areas.

We read requests for implementing walls and fences to the game. You know there are still people who want to build the wall for different purposes or just make some fences. We are answering these and walls and fences will be added to the game. Currently we have two kinds of these as work in progress. One is a thick wall, like the wall, which was built in Berlin, and the other is more like a fence. You will be able to draw lines of walls in the game in future.

Next week the holiday season starts here, in Slovakia which means we will have some extra days of to spend with our families. It is not going to stop the work, but it may affect it. In addition, we have new broad national lockdown starting on Saturday 19th here in Slovakia which will last until 9th January. It means that life will slow down because many facilities will stay closed, but travel and commuting to work are not restricted. There will be at least one more report like this before the end of the year.

Thank You for Your Support


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Another week has passed, and we are closer to Christmas. The focus was on fixing critical issues which were found in test version, but we started to work on new features for the game too.

Another thing we want to mention is the brand-new 3DIVISION logo which you may have noticed while starting the public-test version of the game. And we have a new company website

There are two requested features we started to work on. First is „batch upgrade“ of roads, sidewalks and rails. The idea is to allow players to select a rectangular area in which all roads or rails will be automatically marked for upgrade. This may save lots of clicks when players want to upgrade roads.

Another improvement, which is work in progress, is the selection for both „copy of area“ and „batch upgrade“, which are going to be aligned to camera view.

Then we are giving modders option to add custom WAV sounds to vehicles in workshop. The documentation will be added soon into the forum. Meanwhile you can check first and second workshop items as samples, for how to do that.

We were tweaking tourism by reducing profitability of hotels, changing the way how tourist are being charged for using of Public Transport and adjusting the number of tourists generated at borders. Some sounds needed to be rebalanced and the follow camera focus (depth of field) was adjusted.

We had some feedback about wrong size of trees, so we reduced the size of some of them. There was a problem with camera moving or rotating after Alt+Tab is used and that was fixed. We fixed an issue when bauxite mine and quarry were working even when their excavator was out of the building while on its refueling journey. Then there was an issue with 3x plane parking when the plane was not able to start in some cases and we fixed that.

You may be interested in knowing about inspiration for our vanilla building which are in the game. Here you can check some pictures of the town Košice where most of the prefabs can be found in real life. Find in photos the buildings like, medical university, prefab apartments, communist party HQ or the town hall. And a challenge for you, in couple of pictures, there are the apartments for students/hostels barely visible. Who can find them? :-)

Another requested feature are underpasses and overpasses for pedestrians. These are going to be added in version 0.8.4. Check out a little preview of what another update, which should be released in early 2021 will bring.

Thank You for Your support


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