Greetings dear comrades of the Soviet Republic. It is getting quite hot out there here in Central Europe and more seasonal lightning storms are interrupting the activities of men. Sometimes things just cannot get according to the plan, and we need to face delays and adjust to our circumstances. We are aware that you are really excited for the upcoming content update which will bring the cosmonaut mode challenge to all the players and improvements for trams and the addition of underground rail public transport. The thing is that there is still a lot of stuff we need to work on, before we can release this update for public testing. Good news is that Cosmonaut mode is working quite well and that may not require that many tweaks, so we can focus on other stuff we want to add or update.

In last report we showed you how we are going to change the way how trams work in the game. You now know about the concept, and we were working on basic structures required for trams to operate. Just recently we added new tram stops, one is bigger and one smaller.

We want also to show how the connection between tramrail roads and rails will look like. As you can see you will be able to connect them quite easily using the connecting structure in the picture. It is like a platform but on one side it has rail connections and on other it has a tramrail road connection. Additionally, we repaired the pantographs of trams to make them properly connected to overhead wires on normal electrified railroad and tramrail roads.

We also added two new twelve stories prefab residentials which are common in Kosice. You know, if you want variety, there is never enough residentials available, and we want to give more option for those who are not relying on mods.

Then we made a small improvement to graphics. There will be a new Ultra setting for shadows, with which every building will have its own "self shadow" casted on vehicles and infrastructure.

You can see we can find new ways how to improve the game in multiple ways and we know there are lots of ideas and suggestions from you that may be useful for the game. As we made some progress in Cosmonaut mode implementation and upgrading of tram infrastructure we will shift more of our focus on underground related stuff. There may be more to it as you may think because currently, we found some issues with certain buildings which have underground parts and are in collision with basic water level, so they are impossible to build. But there can be a lot more. We hope you can wait patiently as we still do not have any exact dates when this update will be ready for internal and public testing. Until then, be careful, enjoy the sunny days safely and stay tuned for the next report.

Thank You for Your support

3Division Team

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Greetings dear Comrades of the Soviet Republic. How wonderful it is that we can enjoy air-conditioning in our cars and public transport as the rising temperatures outside make the travel less and less comfortable. It did not use to be so convenient back in time in vehicles made by soviets, but the republics in our game can exist long enough to get the latest technology or at least enjoy improvements compared to the earliest days of the game. The previous content update brought you some game changing mechanics but this upcoming one will be more about improvements and broadly desired additions as there are some similarities in infrastructure we use for underground, that allow us to bring some solutions into other areas too.

You may already know that underground is using different rail tracks. And we have another set of rail vehicles in the game that usually drive on different tracks in real life compared to trains. We are talking about trams. We are going to change the way how trams operate by introducing new types of tracks dedicated for them. But first we want to introduce a new tram depo, which will not connect to railroad network but to tram rail network instead.

We want also to introduce special tram tracks allowing trams and cars using the same road as in real life. You will be able to connect these tracks to railroad network similarly to connection between road and airport and you will be able to operate trams without signals as they will work similarly to trolleybuses while traveling on dedicated tracks. The intervals between them will be set in end stations and they will pick the direction automatically based on the road. Of course, you will be able to build these roads using Construction offices without need of Railroad Construction office, but the build stages will be different compared to normal roads.

As you can see, we added new type of roads dedicated to trams. There will be an asphalt version of the tram road which will be driveable for other vehicles too and then there will be a concrete block version of the road which will be tram exclusive. You will be able to save quite a bit of space using the new types of roads, but you will still be able to utilize standard rail tracks for trams if you wish or just to keep what you already have. Additionally, we added a concrete block road for vehicles too as many players wanted this, giving them another option for travel without need of building expensive asphalt roads.

We hope you like these new roads. In the end trams should become more viable for players and all the infrastructure should be more realistic. The main improvement will be that you can save space with the new tracks, and you will not need to use railroad signals to manage your trams as they will work like trolleybuses while driving on dedicated tracks automatically picking the right direction and able to drive after one another. Of course, to plan and build the new network will be a different task for those who play the game, and we are looking forward for some amazing builds in future. Until then stay safe, be healthy and enjoy your life and gaming.

Thank You for Your Support

3Division Team

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Greeting dear Comrades of the Soviet Republic. You may be aware that as we were written the Content Update #10 with water treatment, sewage management and realistic traffic system was released as stable version of the game. We want to remind you that the game is still in early access and much more changes and updates are coming this year and you will see many new notable features added to enrich the game for better and more challenging gameplay. The game cannot have everything though for the price it is being sold so bear in mind that not all ideas we have, or the community suggest will be implemented.

The temperatures here in central Europe are slowly rising and soon there will be lightning storms pouring tons of water upon the face of the earth. Why do we mention this? Because we want to introduce another new feature which relates to water flow and erosion. We were thinking about making the terrain more realistic and we produced a new tool for terrain editor which will change the random generated terrain into something more realistic. It can also serve to smoothen imported maps.

But video is way better than thousands of pictures.

Next interesting change we prepared is the change for borders which will not have to be square anymore. You will be able to define any shapes of borders in editor to create diverse shapes of your Republic. We are aware that you would like to have different dimensions for the map too. The map is currently 20x20 km and square shaped. Just take these new borders as a small step with possible more steps in map editing coming. But we need to think a bit about that before we will do more changes.

We want to thank everybody who bought the Ukrainian DLC. We sold about 2500 copies which is a donation about 10.000 € for now. We will inform you about any future developments because we want to be transparent. All the money will be donated to Ukrainian Red Cross which as a neutral organization should not look at nationality and help anybody who needs help in the country devastated by war.

We hope you are doing great, and the development of the game and the way of our lives will not be interrupted with something silly due to all the global tensions. We want to thank all who participated in the testing of latest update because without you we would not be able to finish that. We wish you success and lot of fun while playing or living your real lives.

Thank You for Your support

3Division Team

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