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Greetings all comrades,

Peter here! As today is March 15, 2024 - special date, I've decided to personally write this community report. On this date, not only does my son celebrate his birthday, but so does my third baby - Soviet Republic. It has been five years since the game Soviet Republic was released as Early Access. I want to thank all of you who play this game and provide feedback, fueling our passion for its continued development.

I must extend a special thank you to all my colleagues who jumped on board and helped me with this game. In particular, Martin, who implemented a massive amount of new features; Michal, who managed new features along with various rendering aspects; our graphics artist Vlado, who designs the buildings; and Karel, for the great new vehicles. Additionally, thanks to our publisher, Hooded Horse, and everyone on their team for their support and contribution to our success. Also, a big thank you to all modders. I believe this game is one of the record-holders in terms of the number of mods published. Thank you, everyone. We are a great and friendly community.

As the release approaches and the game will soon leave Early Access status (the announcement date will come later), we need to carefully consider what else to implement, as every addition could potentially introduce issues. Therefore, we may not have something interesting to show every two weeks. However, we will do our best to bring you news from the development, the game, or future DLCs as frequently as possible. Yes, we plan to support this project and release some DLCs, in addition to the two already announced (New Biomes and Realistic Landscapes), and we aim to release at least two more.

Another aspect is that we've already started developing a new project (though not fully). As we make progress, it might not be easy to share updates. However, I hope to do so, similar to how I shared early videos for Soviet Republic back in 2018. We will likely do the same for the new project. Stay tuned.

But I didn't want to come to you empty-handed, so I'd like to mention some small improvements to the statistics graphs we've made in the past days. These changes better showcase amounts and make comparisons easier. Additionally, the continuous graph displaying resource price development has been improved.

Thank you for your attention, thank you for playing the game and for all support you are giving to us. We appreciate it a lot!

Peter Adamcik


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Greetings, dear comrades of the Soviet Republic and fans of our game worldwide. For those of you near airports, the sight of planes ascending and descending is a common spectacle, each flight adding vibrancy to the airport's life. Similarly, the hustle and bustle of people frequenting shops and other facilities injects a sense of liveliness into our game's world. This update is all about enhancing that sense of life and activity within the game.


Let us start with the skies. We are introducing a new western airplane, courtesy of our talented graphic designer, Karel. This model is set to become a key player in your passenger air transport operations, bringing new dynamics to your aerial routes

But there is more on the horizon. We are injecting even more life into your Republic with the introduction of queues at shops and other facilities. If you thought our virtual citizens milling about was lively before, wait until you see them lining up for goods and services, reminiscent of the iconic Soviet-era queues. This is not just about aesthetics; it is about adding a layer of realism and historical context. Modders will rejoice to know that queues can be configured within buildings' settings, or else they will form organically at entry points, adhering to the paths designed for indoor movement.

The innovations do not stop there. Fields will no longer be barren as workers toil away, visible as they cultivate the land. This visual enhancement brings the agricultural efforts of your citizens to life.

Construction sites, too, are getting an upgrade. While we are still refining the models and variations, you can anticipate seeing workers actively engaging in the build process, adding a new dimension of realism to your infrastructure projects.

A groundbreaking development for road construction enthusiasts is on its way. Following the introduction of tunnel boring machines for railroads, we have heard your calls for a similar solution for roads. While we are not introducing a new vehicle this time, we are offering an innovative alternative. Road excavators will now participate in tunnel construction, expediting the process significantly. Just ensure you have workers and an excavator on site and watch as your tunnels take shape more efficiently than ever.

We are thrilled to share these updates with you. It is refreshing to bring new ideas to the table, enhancing the game's overall feel, even in the later stages of development.


That is everything for this report. Cherish life, enjoy gaming, and keep an eye out for our next update.


Thank you for your enduring support,

3Division Team

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Greetings, dear Comrades of the Soviet Republic, and fans of our game worldwide. As we wave goodbye to the first month of the year and the winter season gradually recedes, we are all filled with anticipation for the spring and the fresh developments it will usher in for our game's community.


While recent reports may have seemed light on groundbreaking news, our commitment to enriching the game remains unwavering. We are continually working on adding building variations, enhancing existing models, and addressing as many reported issues as possible.

In this update, we are excited to showcase our new large hospital. This is not your typical medical facility; it is significantly larger and more resource-intensive than the standard hospitals, equipped with twenty-four slots for medical emergency vehicles and boasting two heliports atop its structure.

This hospital, modeled after the University Hospital of L. Pasteur in Košice (Slovakia)—a fact you can verify on Wikipedia—is designed to serve even the most populous cities in your Republic.

Source: Wikipedia

Additionally, we have upgraded some other buildings, enhancing their appearance and detail to better integrate them into the game's aesthetic. First picture shows new model for electronics components factory, second the new model for prefab panel factory and the last is a picture of new sawmill.

We also have a small milestone to celebrate. Last week, we hit a new all-time peak on Steam, with over four thousand players enjoying the game simultaneously—a feat not achieved since our early access launch. This achievement is a testament to the game's growing appeal, and we extend our gratitude to our publisher, Hooded Horse, for their role in expanding our player base.

It is true that as we advance along our development roadmap, the nature of our updates has evolved. The time of frequent, feature-packed reports may be diminishing as we approach the final release. However, reaching this milestone does not spell the end of development or updates; it merely shifts the focus of our communications.


Rest assured; this is not our last report. There are still updates and news to share, even if they might not carry the same excitement as those in the early days of development.


Until our next update, stay safe, cherish life, and enjoy gaming.


Thank you for your unwavering support,

3Division Team

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