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Greetings dear Comrades of the Soviet Republic and all the fans of our game. As we continue on the winding path of game development, we sometimes face unexpected turns that challenge us, yet also fill us with excitement. Today, we have some groundbreaking updates that we think you're going to love.

The biggest news we have is that something happened which nobody thought would never happen—we've signed a contract with a publisher. This publisher, Hooded Horse, is friendly towards indie developers and specializes in deep strategic and tactical games. You might wonder why we made this decision. There are several reasons!

First and foremost, we hope this will bring our game to a larger audience. The game certainly deserves it. Honestly, we don't have the resources to conduct effective marketing campaigns, negotiate promotions on STEAM, or provide stronger support for eastern markets such as Japan and China. And we want in to focus primarily on development.

We believe we've found a strong partner in Hooded Horse that suits our needs. Importantly, nothing will change in our approach. We'll continue with our usual development, and our overall strategy for developing and selling the game will remain the same. We hope our player community will only notice improvements, without any negative differences.

Shifting gears back to what’s at the core of our endeavor: game development. We have a landmark update to share today. We understand the frustrations you’ve had with road construction, where pathways, crossroads, and waypoints break your roads into annoyingly small segments. That's about to change.

We implemented changes that will make the construction of a road one from junction to junction. Connected pathways and waypoints will not divide the construction site into smaller segments anymore. This will improve the construction process and allow you to construct roads faster. Also, the pathways crossing the road will remain functional. This means less disruption for walking citizens even though they will not be able to use the road under construction itself.

And this change will apply to road upgrades too. You will be able to upgrade roads now without them being fragmented into small segments. But not only that. We improved the tool for road placement. You can use it instead of batch upgrade to assign multiple roads divided by junctions while holding the button. Just remember junctions will still divide road construction into segments. This also mean that pathway upgrades will remain as they are, divided solely by junctions.

We trust these adjustments will make your in-game construction experience far more enjoyable. And we're optimistic that our new partnership with Hooded Horse will take the game's outreach to unprecedented heights. While we excel in coding and development, we acknowledge the value of expert marketing, and that's what our new alliance promises to deliver.

That's all we have for today's report. But life isn't all just pixels and code; remember to enjoy the other facets of life, and keep an eye out for our next update.

Thank you for your support.

3Division Team

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Greetings dear Comrades of the Soviet Republic and all the fans of our game! As summer comes to a close, we're busy harvesting rewards in both our game and in real life. Our previous updates have focused on campaign development, but today we're excited to unveil some new machinery you'll soon find in your virtual republics.

Firstly, let's talk about tower cranes. We're adding five new models to enhance your gaming experience. And there's more good news: two of these models feature western designs, aligning with our goal to offer you a wider array of options as you build your virtual republics.

Next up, we’ve handpicked some impressive mods to include in the basic game. A special thanks to dlseis, the brilliant creator of these new western cars, which you'll soon find in your game environments.

We're also rolling out a sturdy western bulldozer and a high-performance western excavator, courtesy of our talented in-house graphic designer who excels in designing vehicles.

On the campaign side of things, we're making steady progress. The beginner levels are ready to go, and we’re shifting our focus to medium-difficulty challenges. So, for the moment, updates on game mechanics will take a backseat to the new vehicles we've introduced today.

Even the best-laid plans can go awry, and we experienced just that with our recent update. A glitch disrupted the electricity system in the game. Fortunately, our teammate Peter fixed the issue remotely within hours of the update release by rolling it back. Crisis resolved! We're now back on track with version

While every update might not be headline news, we're committed to keeping you informed and involved. Your trust matters to us, and these updates allow you to see how we're making the game better, one step at a time. That wraps up today's update. Until next time, stay safe, enjoy yourselves, and remember to have some fun along the way.

Thank you for your continued support,

3Division Team

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Greetings dear comrades of the Soviet Republic, and all the fans of our game. In our last report, we discussed some ideas for potential scenarios for our game. We are still working on the basics, developing the structure for the basic campaign. But we also mentioned that there will be higher difficulty levels.

For the medium-level campaign, we plan to introduce a new prebuilt and prepopulated map. But this map will not be as simple as the existing maps in the game.

With the currently existing maps, you get some towns and road infrastructure. But this new map will offer infrastructure on a different level. There will be not only ready-to-use roads but also ready-to-use railroads. Additionally, there will not just be existing towns but also some existing facilities. This will let players skip the building of basic infrastructure. They can buy vehicles early on and focus on the tasks the campaign sets for them.

Compared to the basic campaign's empty map, this new one offers a distinct experience. There will be towns with lots of details, showing the creativity of the people who built them. There is also a backstory to add flavour to the campaign. It is about a young country that was driven by greed and capitalism in the past. Most of the money back then went into infrastructure, not into caring for citizens. But in the recent elections, the Communist Party took over and now aims to fulfil its promises.

This map was created by two talented members of our community: Moasl and Jnx. They took their time to include a lot of details.

And that is all for today. We know many other great maps are out there, created by our community. We chose this one as inspiration for those who have the time and dedication to make similar masterpieces. Whether you are playing the game or creating content, remember to have fun. And do not forget to enjoy life, stay safe, and stay tuned for the next report.

Thank you for your support,

3Division Team

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