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Report for the Community #81

Greetings dear comrades of the Soviet Republic, and all the fans of our game. In our last report, we discussed some ideas for potential scenarios for our game. We are still working on the basics, developing the structure for the basic campaign. But we also mentioned that there will be higher difficulty levels.

For the medium-level campaign, we plan to introduce a new prebuilt and prepopulated map. But this map will not be as simple as the existing maps in the game.

With the currently existing maps, you get some towns and road infrastructure. But this new map will offer infrastructure on a different level. There will be not only ready-to-use roads but also ready-to-use railroads. Additionally, there will not just be existing towns but also some existing facilities. This will let players skip the building of basic infrastructure. They can buy vehicles early on and focus on the tasks the campaign sets for them.

Compared to the basic campaign's empty map, this new one offers a distinct experience. There will be towns with lots of details, showing the creativity of the people who built them. There is also a backstory to add flavour to the campaign. It is about a young country that was driven by greed and capitalism in the past. Most of the money back then went into infrastructure, not into caring for citizens. But in the recent elections, the Communist Party took over and now aims to fulfil its promises.

This map was created by two talented members of our community: Moasl and Jnx. They took their time to include a lot of details.

And that is all for today. We know many other great maps are out there, created by our community. We chose this one as inspiration for those who have the time and dedication to make similar masterpieces. Whether you are playing the game or creating content, remember to have fun. And do not forget to enjoy life, stay safe, and stay tuned for the next report.

Thank you for your support,

3Division Team

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