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Greetings, Comrades of the Soviet Republic, and fans of our game! The workers and developers in our digital factory have been burning the midnight oil, making progress for our beloved game. We are pouring our hearts into this venture to give you more ways to enjoy the game and make your gaming experience better than ever.

Our big news is about the upcoming beta test release. We are thrilled and excited - just like you, dear comrades - because this release signifies a huge leap forward in our journey.

As we write this, our diligent team is busy testing the game. So far, we are happy to report that no major problems have appeared to delay our plans. That means, comrades, that the dawn of a new game day is on the horizon. Maybe in just a week or a few more days, you will be able to join us on this exciting journey and play the updated game. But remember, it is still a beta version. It is an adventure into fresh territory, and you might find some bugs lurking here and there. But for those courageous players eager to explore, the game will soon be ready for you to dive in.

Now, let us talk about new US vehicles in our game. We added some cool trucks and buses that you might recognize. It is easier to show you pictures than describe them in words. And good news - adding new vehicles is easier than creating new features, so expect more soon!

We have more exciting news. If you turn on the Maintenance feature, you can buy used vehicles. You can find them at any Customs House, and each one will have different vehicles. This means you might want to check more customs and see what they have. You might find cheaper vehicles, or ones you never thought to use before.

You can also store these used vehicles. That is right, comrades. We have storage for containers and vehicles. You can even load them onto trains and ships. This means you can move vehicles between islands or bring in used ones from other places.

We also added a new feature you have asked for. Now, you can choose what vehicles or containers to load. This makes it easier to handle containers. You can load containers with only certain resources. For vehicles, if you do not set the type to load, it will only load ones that work at the target location.

These changes may seem small, but they make a significant difference, especially for containers. Before, containers were mostly used for import and export. Now, you can use them more in your own country because you can store different resources in one place and pick only certain ones when loading.

That is all the news for this report, comrades. At first, it did not seem like there would be much to share. But as we keep testing, we hope there will be no big delays. This update is one of our biggest, so there might be some problems. If you find bugs, let us know, and we will work hard to fix them. You can report them on the Steam Community Forums, where you can talk to others who have the same issue.

Most importantly, remember to enjoy life, have fun, and wait for our next report.

Thank you for your support.

3Division Team

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Greetings, dear Comrades of the Soviet Republic and all the devotees of our glorious game! We are thrilled to share with you the latest dispatch from the heart of our development team. With the same fervour as our comrades in the factories and fields, we initiated internal testing a week ago. This has equipped us with a treasure trove of valuable insights, allowing us to focus more on refining our game mechanics, rather than simply adding new features.

Our previous reports, bursting with exhilarating updates, have prepared the groundwork for the central theme of this dispatch: the integration of Mods. This may not cause a revolution in the hearts of all, but it's indeed a milestone in our collective journey! We're bringing new buildings and vehicles into our socialist utopia, enriching the landscape of our game.

While we admire the vast array of Mods that grace the Workshop, we're unable to incorporate them all. Some Mods, unfortunately, cannot be added due to licensing issues, as they were purchased by the modders themselves from other creators.

Fear not, comrades! We have already incorporated several Mods into the game and are tirelessly working to add more. We've reached out to the hardworking Mod creators who have consistently produced excellent and original work.

Among these industrious individuals is Comrade Robs074, a name that might ring familiar. His unique Mods for residential and industrial facilities have caught our attention. We are in close collaboration with him, and his tireless work promises to deliver an array of high-quality building variants to our game. Soon, you'll witness new residential areas, schools, kindergartens, and sports facilities, all with the distinct touch of Comrade Robs074.

But the march of progress doesn't stop there! Robs074 is also bringing us variations of industrial buildings, grain silos, aggregate storages, and railway facilities, adding a whole new dimension of variety. Besides these, you can look forward to a small prison, a small Communist HQ, and a small secret police office. His innovative contributions to waste management and maintenance are truly commendable.

Next in line is Comrade SuperPlunger, who has created a remarkable collection of western railroad vehicles. His locomotives and wagons will soon be a part of our game, and we have commissioned additional models from him.

Last but not least, we wish to acknowledge Comrade 4Smiler. His trains are already chugging along in our game, and he is hard at work designing more wagons for us.

That's all we can reveal today about Mod incorporation, comrades. We will continue our collaborative efforts with these and other modders, further enhancing our game with their spectacular creations. If you have ideas or suggestions, the Steam Forum is your platform for voicing them.

As you can see, even without adding new features, we can make significant progress. By integrating high-quality buildings and vehicles, we elevate our game to new heights. We understand the demand for size variations and alternatives, and we strive to cater to all comrades who prefer in-game options over Workshop Mods. The dedicated work of our modders makes this possible, and for that, we are truly grateful.

That concludes our report, comrades. The internal testing continues with the tenacity of a Soviet tractor, as we sift through feedback and make necessary refinements. Your patience is appreciated as we prepare for the next stage and the public release of our update. As always, we will keep you informed in our forthcoming reports. In the meantime, stay safe, enjoy life, and keep the spirit of the game alive!

Thank you for your unwavering support,

3Division Team.

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Greetings dear comrades of the Soviet Republic, and all the fans of the game. As the seasonal cycle turns and our virtual lands teem with life, we toast to the astonishing progress in farming. In the real world and our game alike, the prosperity of our republics hinges on effective farming management. Bearing this in mind, we are thrilled to unveil revolutionary changes to the farming mechanics in our game. These enhancements will not only infuse greater realism but also ensure enjoyment for players of all levels, while maintaining the spirit of our uplifting Soviet-style game.

Revolution in Farming: Tractor Attachments

The first visible change in our glorious farming revolution will be the addition of new tractor attachments. Tractors will no longer march into action empty-handed but will automatically equip the necessary attachments for their tasks, mirroring the tireless spirit of our Soviet workers.

Nutrient Level and Field Fertility

To bolster the farming experience, we have introduced a new "Nutrient Level" bar for each field, which directly influences fertility rates. Higher fertility means higher yields, making nutrient management an essential part of the game, as crucial as managing our republic's resources. In the farm window, players will find a new setting for minimal field fertility. Fertility will diminish each year when something grows in the field, and players may need to let fields rest to recover, just as our comrades rest to regain their strength. Fertility management will be a key aspect of efficient farming, reflecting our Soviet Republic's dedication to productivity.

You can also see that there will be new storage added to farms for liquid and bio fertilizers. Here, comrades, is where we must tackle the issue that we and all players will face. Currently buildings that already exist in your republics cannot automatically receive the storage. You currently need to rebuild all farms to make them work with fertilizers. We are striving to find a solution for vanilla buildings, but then there are modded farms which also need to be updated. What we will try to do, is that when a building type will have the new storages, those will be automatically added while loading an older save. In that case when modders will update their buildings, players would receive those storages.

Another aspect that may affect mods is the introduction of tractor attachments. We are aware that there are some modded vehicles that already have deep plough attachments in their models. To ensure visual compatibility with the new update, these attachments will have to be adjusted by removing them from the existing models. We understand that this may require additional effort, but it is necessary to maintain the integrity of the game.

Liquid Fertilizer

Now we want to introduce the two types of fertilizer. Liquid fertilizer, produced from chemicals in a specialized plant, can be transported by oil tank vehicles to farms in a true display of our republic's industrial prowess. Tractors will distribute it to fields during the growth process using a fertilizer attachment.

By applying liquid fertilizer, players can raise the nutrient level and fertility of a field up to 200%, allowing for increased crop yields and contributing to the prosperity of our republics.

Bio Fertilizer

Bio fertilizer will be available with waste management turned on. The waste can be stored and slowly transformed into bio fertilizer there, or players can use composting plants and chemicals to speed up the process, demonstrating our commitment to sustainable development.

Bio fertilizer, or solid fertilizer, has an advantage over liquid fertilizer as it lasts longer in the soil. Tractors will distribute it to fields before sowing (or after harvesting) using a different type of equipment.

By applying bio fertilizer, players can raise field fertility up to 170%. When combined with liquid fertilizer, this can result in up to 250% fertility, exemplifying the power of our Soviet Republic's advancements.

Maximizing Field Fertility

This update will revolutionize in-game farming, enabling players to reap more crops from the same area. However, crop yields may fluctuate year to year, requiring careful planning and storage management, much like managing our republics during times of change.

Recent Rotem Hecht YouTube Copyright Claims

Some YouTubers recently encountered copyright claims on their videos due to the game's soundtrack. Rest assured; this was merely a test. The author of the soundtrack, Rotem Hecht, is managing digital albums online and setting up copyright protection to prevent unauthorized use of the music in non-game-related content. The outcome was more strict than anticipated and now the issue should be resolved. We apologize for any inconvenience and recommend applying proper settings to clarify that videos are game-related. Your understanding in this matter is greatly appreciated, as it supports the hard work of our creators and ensures that the spirit of the game remains authentic.

As you can see, these updates are amassing into something far more significant than anticipated, and we are far from done, comrades. We acknowledge that adapting to these changes may be challenging, but we have unwavering faith in our comrades' abilities. After all, the ultimate objective is to have fun while playing this game, exploring our virtual Soviet Republics, and forging ahead in the spirit of progress.

Stay safe, and until next time, happy gaming!

Thank you for your support,

3Division Team.

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