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Greetings, esteemed comrades of the Soviet Republic and beloved fans of this extraordinary game. As July unfolds and the holiday season takes hold, temperatures rise in central Europe. It's a time when we cherish moments with our loved ones, so the entire team has taken a week off. We understand that this may slow down the development process, but we believe it's essential for the team to recharge before our final push towards release. Taking a collective break allows us to maintain coordination in our work.

In the past few weeks, we've dedicated most of our time to bug fixing and fine-tuning mechanics. For instance, we resolved a bug that caused workers to consume less water than intended. Additionally, we addressed an issue with the pricing of toxic waste in dollars. We introduced pipeline connections to farms and enhanced the unloading speed of waste at customs. Furthermore, we reevaluated walking distances for citizens to align them with the new pathways. Now, citizens can comfortably walk up to a maximum distance of 480 meters on the best pathways. While we've also begun working on some new features, they are not yet ready for release.

Nevertheless, we do have a few smaller improvements to share that may pique your interest. We've finally implemented dynamic barrier arms for buildings, allowing vehicles to pass through their gates in more realistic way. This feature will be available for more buildings, not just the ones shown in the pictures.

In addition, our talented comrades Daniel366Cobra and Robs074 embarked on some decorative experiments, focusing initially on gates and fences but also exploring other possibilities. We are delighted to share these images with you.

Now, let's delve into something more complex. Our minds are already contemplating the next update. Even as we work on addressing reported bugs from the waste management update, we strive to look ahead. We're considering sound effects enhancements, improvements to the tutorial, and the gradual replacement of the tutorial with engaging scenarios. Developing scenarios requires time and careful thought, particularly in weaving a narrative to infuse it with flavour, which goes beyond mere coding. We also recognize that some players prefer a guided experience rather than inventing their own paths, so striking a balance is crucial to ensure both fun and engagement.

We understand that this report may not be as thrilling as some others, but we wanted to keep you informed of our progress, even if it's not immediately apparent. We appreciate your understanding regarding the slight delay and encourage you to embrace the summer vibes in your own lives. Take a few days away from the office, away from keyboards, mice, and screens, and immerse yourselves in the beauty of nature, the warmth of the sun, and the refreshing embrace of water. It is from this reality that we draw inspiration and translate it into the virtual world. Yet, we acknowledge that our computers are not powerful enough to fully replicate such intricate complexity. So, remember to relish life, have fun, spend time with your loved ones, and stay tuned for our next report.

Thank You for Your support

3Division Team

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Greetings, dear comrades of the Soviet Republic and avid fans of this marvelous game. It's been two weeks since we released the waste management update for public testing. During this time, we've been hard at work fixing many bugs and other issues. We're focused on that, but we always strive to bring you something fresh and new with each report. And today, we have just the thing!

We've heard your requests, and we're happy to let you know that we've made the final steps to implement a feature many players have been asking for. It's not a completely new feature, but rather an improvement to an existing one. We're adding new pathways to complement the ones you already know. These new pathways, made of asphalt and featuring lamps, will become part of the game's scenery.

These pathways work like the old ones, but they come with a little advantage. They allow for longer walking distances, which can be quite handy. However, keep in mind that there's a trade-off. If you choose to use lamps on the pathways, you'll need electronic components for construction, and it will take longer to build. So, while they make walking more convenient, they're a bit more challenging to construct.

The lamps on these pathways will emit smaller light particles compared to regular road lamps. And don't forget, for them to shine in the darkness, you'll need to have power available in the area.

Before we get into things from our changelog, we'd like to address the modders. We kindly ask you not to update your mods by adding these new features just yet, as it may cause crashes. Some people might be using your mods without playing the Public Beta version, and they could encounter issues because of that. If you want to make updates, it would be better to wait until we release the stable version. Alternatively, you can create a new mod in the workshop but do not forget to clearly specify in your mod description that it is only compatible with the Public Beta version.

Now, let's talk about some updates worth mentioning that we've implemented since the last report. One of the most important additions is the support for waste transportation by trains. We know that some of you want to use trains for waste processing, and now you have some options. The Rail Distribution Office now supports waste transportation. Just connect a cargo station to waste storage facilities and assign it accordingly.

As you can see, we always find ways to add something new, even while dealing with issues during public testing. As the game grows and matures, there are always unexpected challenges that arise. We're doing our best within the constraints of the code, but it's not always easy, especially with such a complex economic simulation where everything is interconnected. We want to thank you for your patience and cooperation. Without your feedback and participation, the game wouldn't be as good as it is. That's all for today. Don't forget to enjoy life, have fun, and stay tuned for the next report.

Thank you for your support

3Division Team

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Greetings, dear comrades of the Soviet Republic and all fans of our game. In our development journey, we have only one direction to march—forward. Our ultimate goal is to progress and bring this game to its full release. However, we must navigate through numerous challenges along the way. While we strive for progress, we must not forget that going in circles, as one might in a roundabout, is not the path we choose.

Today, we celebrate another significant milestone in our development process. We are thrilled to announce the release of the Open Beta test for the waste management update. We invite those brave enough to take on this challenge to join us. Please keep in mind that this is the Beta Branch, and as more people participate in testing, we expect several bugs to surface. Nevertheless, we are optimistic that no critical issues will arise.

Now, let us delve into some not yet introduced highlights of this update. Firstly, we introduce one-lane roads to your Republics. Please note that these roads are not available for trolleybuses or trams, but your road vehicles can now enjoy them. We understand that many of you might desire more, but due to certain limitations in our code, adding multi-lane roads is not a simple task. Nonetheless, you will have the ability to construct roundabouts, and you can divide two-lane roads into single-lane sections or merge two one-lane roads. These roads will also facilitate the connection of buildings with one-way entrances.

In addition, we have prepared replacements for old buildings. We are proud to present a new road vehicle depot and a rail depot. Furthermore, a longer Railroad Construction Office has been designed. We have also updated the textures of the Train Cargo Station and the Bus Platforms. These enhancements will bring a fresh and modern look to your existing Republic, harmonizing its aesthetic. In all existing Republics the textures will be automatically replaced.

Furthermore, we have a small but special detail to share. The gates of the Railroad Depots now swing open as a train departs, eliminating the need for constant door replacements. Of course, no doors were ever destroyed by a train in our Republic. This is just for your and our eyes. However, it is important to remember that regular maintenance of the building and the trains remains essential, especially if you activate the maintenance feature.

Lastly, we have developed new versions of Construction Offices, available in four different sizes. As this update will require increased utilization of these offices, proper placement is crucial for optimum efficiency. The largest option may not always be the most suitable choice.

We hope that you will enjoy this challenging update. We understand that even the most experienced players may face difficulties. If you have an existing Republic and wish to activate these features, please approach them with caution and ensure you are adequately prepared. We acknowledge that some comrades possess the methodical approach necessary to overcome these challenges and emerge victorious, while others may find this an opportunity to learn from failure and start afresh.

As always, we encourage you to participate in the test and report any bugs or provide feedback. The Steam forum serves as the ideal platform for engaging in discussions about the new features and their impact on your gameplay experience. With that, we conclude today's report. Remember to take breaks and enjoy other aspects of life while playing. The pause button will preserve your progress until your return. Take care, have fun, and stay tuned for future updates.

Thank you for your unwavering support,

The 3Division Team

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