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Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Greetings, dear comrades of the Soviet Republic and fans of our game worldwide. As the year draws to a close, our thoughts turn to the festive holiday season. It's been a year full of development and progress, inching us ever closer to the final release of our game. We're not there yet, but the strides we've made are undeniable, and we're committed to pushing forward until everything is just right.


This report brings more updates on new variants and graphic enhancements to in-game buildings. First up is our new large train station, modelled after a real-life station in Košice, Slovakia. It features a five-rail layout and embodies the architectural style of the Soviet era—a fine addition to the existing structures in our game.

Continuing with our model updates, we've given a fresh look to the food factory and distillery. Like our recent gravel processing revamp, these buildings now better represent the Soviet era's architectural style, moving away from their previously outdated appearances.

We're also excited to introduce two medium-sized shopping centers to the game. These new additions, based on actual buildings in Košice, Slovakia, offer more variety and negate the need for modded structures. Shopping centers are a versatile component in our game, and we're pleased to enhance their range.

An important aesthetic update we have made is tweaking the connections between distinct types of roads. We focused particularly on panel road connections, which needed some refinement. The attached image displays the improvements.

Additionally, we are thrilled to present our new gameplay trailer, crafted by our friends at Hooded Horse. This video will also be featured on the game's Store Page, giving players a glimpse of the Soviet Republic experience.

As this is our last report of the year, we are gearing up for the full swing of the holiday season. It's a time for us to slow down a bit, spend time with friends and family, reflect on the past year, and gear up for the next.

We hope you find joy and relaxation during this holiday period, whether it is spending time with loved ones or diving into your favourite games. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in advance.


Thank you for your support,

3Division Team

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Greetings, dear comrades of the Soviet Republic and fans of our game around the world. As we step into December and watch the first snowfall blanket the world, we're reminded of the slower pace and cozy moments the season brings. In our game, like in real life, the snow-covered roads present unique winter challenges and beauty.

This report brings exciting news: the cathedral rework we mentioned earlier is now complete! We've added these new models to the game, giving your towns a fresh, majestic look.

All models will automatically update with the release of our next patch.

We're also thrilled to introduce new variations for gravel processing and gravel quarries. Our previous single version sometimes felt like overkill, so we're adding a smaller gravel processing option for more flexibility.

But that's not all – we've given a facelift to the large gravel processing model. It now has a new texture to better match other in-game buildings and, by popular demand, a conveyor input. The smaller version will have only conveyor output, utilizing dumper trucks for input.

A big addition is the larger gravel quarry variant. Inspired by a bauxite mine, this facility allows more excavators, boosting output and featuring a conveyor connection. This means no more need for dumpers at this site! And of course, the old gravel quarry's look was also updated.

For a touch of nostalgia, we've updated the loading screen. Now, instead of a plain screen, you'll be greeted with historic photos during loading. Currently, there are 35 photos from a single author, but we plan to expand this collection with more images from various photographers.

That's all for this update. It looks like we'll have one more report before the year ends, so stay tuned for even more developments.

Until next time, stay safe, enjoy life, and have fun gaming.

And as always, thank you for your incredible support.

3Division Team

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Greetings, dear comrades of the Soviet Republic and fans of our game worldwide. Today, let us talk about field aerodromes. We are planning to introduce them in one of the upcoming 0.9.0.X versions. These low-cost airfields will cater to aircraft with an empty weight of up to 10 tons, perfect for smaller, more nimble planes.

Alongside these aerodromes, we are introducing field airplane parkings. If you find the right terrain, you can build these for free, just like the field runways and taxiways. However, there is a catch: they will only support planes with a maximum empty weight limit ten tons.

Next on our list is the addition of a smaller terminal. This facility can be used with both the free field parkings and standard concrete parkings, offering more flexibility in your air transportation network.

One of the key features of these field aerodromes is their simplicity: no control tower is needed. This means you can utilize them early in the game without any research requirement. To complement these aerodromes, we have started developing lighter aircraft, which will be available for purchase with either dollars or rubles. Imagine the possibilities – starting a Republic on an isolated island or expanding beyond existing road connections. These field aerodromes can be a meaningful change, facilitating worker commute or attracting early tourists to remote locations. And as always, we look forward to seeing how our creative community of players will utilize these new additions.

Now, for a twist that will truly rock your world: earthquakes! Yes, you heard that right. Some of you might have already seen footage of this new feature as it surprised a few YouTubers. We are introducing random earthquakes to the game. Do not worry; they will not be too frequent, and there is a scale of magnitude to keep things interesting.

Expect an earthquake every few years, shaking up your towns and industrial areas. The aftermath will depend on the quake's intensity. A weaker earthquake (around 4.5) might trigger fires in a few buildings, challenging your firefighting teams like never before. But if you are hit with a more intense quake, you might even see buildings collapse, especially if they are not well-maintained. So, a word of caution: do not skimp on maintenance, or you might face a disaster.

That is all for today's report. From the potential joys of light aviation to the thrilling challenges of managing natural disasters, there is plenty to look forward to. Ensure your emergency and maintenance teams are always at the ready. And just like in the game, stay safe in real life, have fun, and keep an eye out for our next update.

Thank you for your unwavering support,

3Division Team

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