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Greetings, comrades of the Soviet Republic, and dedicated fans of our game! After a few intense weeks, we return to share our progress and chronicle our relentless pursuit of perfection in game development. We still have an ambitious task list ahead of us before the full game reaches your hands, but rest assured, we remain committed to our mission. With this message, we wish to explain some of our pioneering ideas for in-game campaigns.

As time has passed, our game has grown in both depth and complexity. Even seasoned players, who have devoted hundreds or thousands of hours, occasionally find themselves challenged by its intricacies. Recognizing this and understanding that this depth might be daunting for newcomers, we have envisioned the addition of campaigns or scenarios. These are designed not only to offer a structured introduction for the uninitiated but also to provide fresh challenges for our experienced comrades.

The intricacies of our game are undeniable. Navigating a new Republic without adequate knowledge can lead to swift downfall, especially on a realistic difficulty setting. However, we understand that many among you thrive on challenges, aiming to constantly push the boundaries of your gaming prowess. For those just starting their journey, we advise caution: diving into the full spectrum of features without a grasp of the fundamentals can be overwhelming. This is where our campaigns come in, designed to gently initiate newcomers while providing depth for the pros.

To bring these campaigns to life, we'll use scripts, dividing them into three distinct branches, each escalating in complexity. These will come hand-in-hand with a fresh, vanilla map, making sure it fits the campaign well. While it might be tempting to integrate these campaigns into your existing game saves, we've opted against this feature for now to maintain the integrity of the campaign settings. Each campaign builds upon its predecessor; only after mastering one can you unlock the challenges of the next, ensuring a progressive and rewarding experience for all.

Draft Campaign Overviews (titles and setting are subject to change as it will be developed):

  • A New Soviet Republic is Born: Begin your journey on a mostly flat map, crafting your Republic from the ground up. (Easy map, mostly flat, default settings)

  • Soviet Revolution: Communist party rises to power in a populated country and it needs to balance internal development with external demands. (Map with existing towns, more difficult terrain, medium or hard settings)

  • Soviet Far Horizons: Venture into uncharted territories with rich natural resources, fully supported by the Soviet Union, striving for self-reliance. (Hardest settings with realistic mode on)

At the outset of the initial campaign, our primary goal is to introduce newcomers to the game's foundations. This includes familiarizing them with controls, effective utilization of the minimap, and mastering fundamental mechanics.

Initially, players will be provided with simple, clear objectives designed to anchor them in the basics. As they progress, these objectives will evolve, pushing them to produce, export, or import specific volumes of resources. This layered approach not only ensures a gradual learning curve but also instils the importance of self-sufficiency within the game's universe. To aid this journey, we've incorporated specific GUI elements to help players navigate and understand their tasks.

We recognize the joy of exploration and the desire to carve one's own path. While we provide structured goals, we're not chaining players to a fixed storyline. This means players have the freedom to experiment, possibly achieving objectives even before they're explicitly assigned. Our scripts are designed to recognize such accomplishments. So, while players can use our roadmap, they're free to diverge, allowing each campaign experience to build a unique Republic based on their choices.

Another exciting dimension we're keen to explore is moddability. We envision a platform where modders can craft their own campaigns, missions, and objectives. Our current focus is still on basics, so you need to wait a while till we get the framework for custom scripts ready. These custom scripts would possibly be linked to a specific map or be compatible with any existing Republic or terrain. While we're still deliberating on the details, the potential for this feature is immense.

The potential of these campaigns and scripts is evident. Done right, they can serve as effective training grounds for newcomers and present challenging scenarios for seasoned players. Moreover, community modders can bring their unique visions to life, further enriching the gameplay experience. We eagerly anticipate the full realization of this feature.

That wraps up our update for now. We trust you share our enthusiasm for the upcoming challenges. Until our next dispatch, embrace the joys of life and stay tuned for more insights from our team.

Thank you for your support.

3Division Team

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July 31, 2023– Independent games development studio 3DIVISION releases the last big update for Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic, the real-time Soviet-themed city builder tycoon game, on Steam today at $34.99. After this update, a release of the 1.0 version will follow in Q4 2023.

The game's new update introduces waste management with up to 10 waste components from citizens and industries, challenging demolition tasks with handling demolition vehicles and waste, maintenance for buildings and vehicles, and additional mods like residential buildings, factories, aggregate storages, and trains.

Maintenance is necessary to repair buildings and vehicles after use. Additionally, the game incorporates various mods, including residential buildings, factories, aggregate storage, and multiple trains.

Other updates worth mentioning include the addition of new western vehicles that can be purchased with in-game currency, a graphical upgrade with various placeholder graphics replaced, the introduction of research that unlock numerous features and buildings, the ability to fertilize fields for better crop yield, and the implementation of single lane roads

Update Features

  • Waste management: citizens and industries producing up to 10 components of waste.. Waste componenta are metal scrap, aluminium scrap, constructon waste, burnable waste, ash, etc.

  • Demolition: if you wanna to demolish something you need to handle demolition vehicles (or pay for demolition) and then you need to handle waste from the demolition site.

  • Maintenance: now the vehicles and buildings wear out and you need to reconstruct and fix them.

  • Mods incorporation: the best mods were added into the game such as residential buildings, factories, aggregate storages, different models of trains, etc.

  • New western vehicles: purchase vehicles made in the West using dollars.

  • Graphical upgrade: various replacement of placeholder graphics.

  • Research: many features and buildings are now locked behind the research.

  • Fertilizing: fertilize your fields to get more crops.

  • Single lane roads.

You can find detailed information about all the stuff in roadmap where for every theme are available the reports!

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Updated: Aug 6, 2023

Greetings, esteemed comrades of the Soviet Republic and devoted fans of this magnificent game. As you may already know, after a rejuvenating vacation week, we have returned to our offices with renewed vigour and determination. The evidence of our dedication can be seen in the changelog of the latest update, released following our much-needed break.

Our ultimate goal is to present the game as version 1.0, and to achieve this, we must conquer several smaller milestones on our ambitious roadmap. Among these milestones is our mission to add more diversity to existing structures and fascilities, enhance graphics, and expand the array of available vehicles and mechanisms. Furthermore, there may be additional milestones to strive for even after the grand release.

Today, we take immense pleasure in presenting you with some captivating images showcasing the remarkable work of our graphic designers, both internal and external. First and foremost, we unveil new textures for pipelines and a complete replacement of liquid storage models. Additionally, we are introducing two smaller sizes of liquid storages, which will prove to be invaluable in facilitating fuel and liquid fertilizer distribution.

In our unwavering pursuit of excellence, we have embarked on updating the appearances of the brick factory and electronics assembly halls, transforming them into symbols of industry and innovation. These models will be automatically updated after their release.

Furthermore, our relentless pursuit of visual perfection led us to revamp the visuals of open storage under the expert guidance of our internal graphic designer, Vlado. As we march forward, we have other graphical improvements planned, as we endeavour to offer you the finest graphics possible in version 1.0. Your insights and suggestions are deeply valued; feel free to share them with us through the Steam Forums if you believe there are structures deserving of further attention from a graphic design perspective. Your feedback shapes the evolution of our game, and we believe there are more in-game models worthy of our graphic designers' love and care.

As we work diligently to fulfil our vision, our esteemed comrade 4smiler is diligently finalizing the introduction of currently missing wagons in the game. Additionally, our esteemed external graphic designer, Karel, is tirelessly toiling to infuse the game with the marvels of western mechanization.

These graphical enhancements are not intended to alter the way you play the game fundamentally. However, the varied sizes of storages offer practical utility, while also providing a visual spectacle for your enjoyment and screenshot endeavours. We recognize that some games may focus on playability with less emphasis on graphics, but in our game, we aspire to offer both worlds: profound playability within the constraints of the engine and captivating visuals that delight the senses.

We hope you revel in the diverse facets of our game. It may not be flawless, but its greatness shines through as long as you derive joy and amusement from it, and we relish every moment of the development process. You play the game, and we play with the code, a symbiotic dance of creation and experience. In this process, we gain invaluable knowledge and experience, propelling us towards the realization of future projects that were once mere dreams. At present, we gather wisdom and expertise, paving the way for a brighter tomorrow.

Stay tuned for forthcoming reports, where we shall divulge more about what lies ahead. In the meantime, remember to cherish life, indulge in merriment beyond the screen, and ensure your safety. Be assured that we value your unwavering support, and together, we shall embark on an unforgettable journey.

Thank you for your unwavering support,

3Division Team.

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