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Report for the Community #93

Greetings, dear comrades of the Soviet Republic and fans of our game worldwide. For those of you near airports, the sight of planes ascending and descending is a common spectacle, each flight adding vibrancy to the airport's life. Similarly, the hustle and bustle of people frequenting shops and other facilities injects a sense of liveliness into our game's world. This update is all about enhancing that sense of life and activity within the game.


Let us start with the skies. We are introducing a new western airplane, courtesy of our talented graphic designer, Karel. This model is set to become a key player in your passenger air transport operations, bringing new dynamics to your aerial routes

But there is more on the horizon. We are injecting even more life into your Republic with the introduction of queues at shops and other facilities. If you thought our virtual citizens milling about was lively before, wait until you see them lining up for goods and services, reminiscent of the iconic Soviet-era queues. This is not just about aesthetics; it is about adding a layer of realism and historical context. Modders will rejoice to know that queues can be configured within buildings' settings, or else they will form organically at entry points, adhering to the paths designed for indoor movement.

The innovations do not stop there. Fields will no longer be barren as workers toil away, visible as they cultivate the land. This visual enhancement brings the agricultural efforts of your citizens to life.

Construction sites, too, are getting an upgrade. While we are still refining the models and variations, you can anticipate seeing workers actively engaging in the build process, adding a new dimension of realism to your infrastructure projects.

A groundbreaking development for road construction enthusiasts is on its way. Following the introduction of tunnel boring machines for railroads, we have heard your calls for a similar solution for roads. While we are not introducing a new vehicle this time, we are offering an innovative alternative. Road excavators will now participate in tunnel construction, expediting the process significantly. Just ensure you have workers and an excavator on site and watch as your tunnels take shape more efficiently than ever.

We are thrilled to share these updates with you. It is refreshing to bring new ideas to the table, enhancing the game's overall feel, even in the later stages of development.


That is everything for this report. Cherish life, enjoy gaming, and keep an eye out for our next update.


Thank you for your enduring support,

3Division Team

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Mar 26

What graphic settings do i need to actually see the workers on construction sites??


Bugai p
Bugai p
Mar 16

не плохо было бы кроме полей добавить и различные сады виноградники


Sebastian Barczik
Sebastian Barczik
Mar 14

ich würde hier eine änderung zu Forschung und Universitäten machen, vielleicht erreicht es die entwickler.

Sport im Sozialismus war ein wichtiges Presige Projekt in jedem Land.

Man könnte Forschungen in den Unversitäten mit dem Sportlichen verknüpfen.

Es könnte zusätzlich zu den 3 Universität Typen auch Sport Hochschulen oder universitäten geben, zum Beispiel für Fussball, Leichtatletik, Handball, Schach, Kampfsport usw. In den Universitäten studieren die Menschen und zusätzlich können sie dort Internationalen wettkämpfen teilnehmen. Je nach zusätzlicher finanzieller Förderung der Universität pro Tag, also 2.000 Rubel pro Tag, erreicht man bei der nächsten Weltmeisterschaft oder Olympia den 20. Platz, wenn mann 25.000 Rubel pro Tag finanziert, bekommt man auch mal eine Medalie. Für den 3. Platz bekommt man dann einen Bonus…


Charlie Box
Charlie Box
Mar 06

Nice idea with the queues. Now it's one step closer to demonstrations. A crowd like that could block the road and point out what the residents are missing instead of starting to die en masse immediately. (Cold, garbage, not enough food, etc.)


Adrian Marczak
Adrian Marczak
Mar 03


There is still problem with heating. Especially on early phases during realistic mode.

I understand that big city requires heating plant but small villages not.

Therefore, please add a special building for selling wood and coal for citizens who live in small houses (up to 20 residents). Subsequently these houses should be able to consume wood or coal for heating needs. Game would be more realistic so please add this feature, it is easy to implement.

On top of that, could you update border checkpoints for better (faster) handling parallel movement of vehicles?

Thank you in advance,


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