Report for the Community #6 is out for public testing

After weeks of internal testing we made the next step, and the new content update was released to open Beta Branch on Steam. There is new production chain for aluminium, new airplane production line and players got the opportunity to build airports and use planes for transportation. Then, new group of people, tourists were added with additional mechanics and facilities connected to them.

The list of changes and fixes is long, but we want to also mention the new option to enable Global events which may create additional challenges for your Republics. Currently there are two kinds of events, trade related and public health related. Trade related events may affect your budget because prices for resources may rise or drop temporarily, and if you rely on imports or not remarkably diverse exports, then the economy of your Republic may be in danger. Health related events are inspired by current events in the world and they are about different levels of infections spreading among workers which may put your population in danger if you underestimate healthcare.

We are expecting lot of issues raising from different playstyles which our internal testers were not able to find during internal testing so we are going to focus on solving the most critical issues first and slowly work through all reports and feedback. We want to encourage you to share your thoughts about new mechanics to help us adjust them if necessary using Steam Discussion. We already got some reports about Tourism being too profitable and some tweaks are coming.

We found a glitch in price calculation

It was months ago there was a discussion about prices of plastics and how the price is not so profitable as it would be expected. In addition, we have reports about aluminium being too cheap during internal testing. As one of our testers pointed out this issue, we started a discussion, and we found a glitch in price calculation which caused the prices of plastics being a bit lower as they should and the calculation was adjusted. This was not only plastics specific, but it was most visible in price of plastics as making plastics required a significant amount of chemicals.

We want to use this opportunity to explain how prices for resources are calculated in game. There are basic resources which you can mine in a way or harvest. These are wood, quarried stone, oil, crops, and all kinds of ores. Anything else is processed from these and the prices of those resources are calculated by using the price for input resources, workforce needed and part of processing facility price. Basic resources have a base price which grows over time due to inflation and all other prices grow together with them. Buy and sell prices are calculated by adding or taking 5% of the calculated price for a resource.

The problem was caused by chemical plants capacity being exceptionally low and thus the price for facility in calculation was lower than it should be and the final prices for plastics were lower than the cost of inputs. The calculation was adjusted and chemical plant and plastic factory were rebalanced.

We hope you will enjoy this update and we will be able to tackle all critical issues soon. We will do our best to resolve all initial problems and bring the test version into stable.

Thank You for Your Support


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