Report for the Community #48

Greetings dear comrades of the Soviet Republic. You may be aware that we made another step forward, and the water treatment update was released for public testing recently. We want to thank everybody who was participating in internal testing for feedback, and we want to encourage you to let us know what you think, if you are currently facing the challenges of these new mechanics. Your feedback is welcome.

We also received and reviewed the models created by community for Ukrainian DLC. Thanks to excellent work of all the authors, we have a bunch of high-quality models which will be part of this DLC which may be released together with the water treatment update. It will not be available for public testing, to avoid unavailability for those who do not play the public test version after purchase.

There were few new things added to public test version of the game you may enjoy, and we did not mention before. We added a new function to allow you to send all vehicles from one depot to another. Many of you were asking for this function.

We also added a new terminal (waiting) station which can manage line spacing allowing you to set time intervals in between departures. This will solve most of problems with line spacing. The principle is simple. A vehicle is being released a set time interval after previous vehicle departure. If the vehicle arrives at station later than the interval is, it is released immediately without delays. The old line spacing remains in the game as it still can have its use especially in less traffic heavy areas.

We also tweaked the livestock farms production and slaughterhouse consumption. Besides that, we removed the ability of logger trucks to transport anything except wood and boards. We also made some traffic improvements. You will be able to force green color for traffic lights at specific direction, and emergency vehicles will force traffic forward, to allow them to pass the crossroad faster.

We are grateful for everybody who is here to help either with development, feedback, or other practical things we need to manage while developing this game. We are glad that for most people the game provides fun, and they do not take it too seriously, because that is the reason, why we play games. We want to escape the cruel reality and enjoy some fiction with distinct set of challenges, forgetting about struggles in real life for a moment. We wish you all success in your current Republic’s development and in your life. Stay safe, love each other, and stay tuned for the next report.

Thank You for Your Support

3Division Team

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