Update #8

Content Update #8 sees the implementation of the new Government loyalty game mechanics and new GUI.

Government Loyalty

The secret police building is where only the highly educated citizens can work. They will have duty vehicles assigned to them which look like personal cars but are assigned to the secret police building. This allows the secret police to travel undercover to residential areas and install spy equipment into citizens homes to gather loyalty information on the people living there.

Every citizen has government loyalty. The higher the loyalty the more productive they are at work and the less negative influence they have to overall happiness. Citizens with lower loyalty can be restricted from working within certain critical jobs such as school, TV or radio stations, to reduce the risk of negative influence (and therefore lower government loyalty) over students or other citizens.

Map by Aezzy

Finally, you can now build monuments to influence government loyalty. Building monuments will increase government loyalty by up to 50% for citizens who pass by them.

More info for government loyalty:


Using community feedback, the GUI has been updated for ease of use. There is a new construction menu with customizable screen positions and a quick stats tab to access information on your citizens as well as your republic’s economy.

map by JCKiller

More info about new GUI:

Content Update #8 features:

  • Build monuments to increase the loyalty of your citizens

  • Use secret police to install spy equipment and find out how loyal your citizens really are!

  • Utilize information gathered by the secret police to ensure citizens do not use their positions to affect other citizen’s loyalty

  • New construction menu with customizable screen positions

  • Quick info tab to access citizen information and your republic’s economy

  • New complex rail signals mechanic update

  • Optimized traffic flow added for parking lots and other buildings

  • Orphanage added - Look after your republic’s children should the worst happen to their parents

  • Many other gameplay and mechanics improvements

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