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Content update #11

Content update #11 introduces new metro and tram transport infrastructure as well as the community requested ‘Realistic Mode’, realistic borders and a new water erosion tool for the editor.

The community requested Realistic Mode will bring an additional difficulty level for players making the game more systematic and management heavy. Realistic mode will remove all options to purchase goods and vehicles inside facilities directly and remove the option to complete construction using money. This brings several new challenges for the planning process as every resource needs to be transported to your storage facilities from customs house at the border and every vehicle needs to be able to get to the depot from the border under its own power. There will be no sudden appearance of resources inside buildings and no magically appearing infrastructure or buildings. Of course, this mode will be optional as you really need to be very familiar with the game mechanics and be successful when starting a new Republic.

In addition to the Realistic Mode comes the new Realistic Borders update. Previously we only supported square borders, meaning your Republic was always square. The new Realistic Borders update allows you to edit your Republic’s border adding a new level of realism. We have also developed the first map - Slovakia - using the new Realistic Borders feature to showcase what can be done in the editor.

We have also produced the new Water Erosion tool for the terrain editor which will change the random generated terrain into something more realistic. It can also be used to smooth out imported maps

Two of the key new improvements to your Republic’s transport infrastructure are the Metro and Tram updates. We were able to create models for surface metro stations and a new surface metro and railway end station to enable you to plan your public transport network easier. There will be two surface metro stations with varied sizes available as well as an end station which you will be able to use for metro or normal trains.

We have also been working on the basic structures required for trams to operate. For this update, we have added new tram stops, one bigger and one smaller as well as a new way to connect between tramrail road and rails.

Content Update #11 main features:

  • Build underground stations and tracks with the new Metro infrastructure system.

  • Trams infrastructure with new tram stops and connection systems.

  • Super realistic mode

  • Water erosion for terrain editor (for faster smoothing of terrain)

  • Realistic republic borders are now implemented.

  • New Slovakia map with realistic borders

Other notable changes:

  • fixed vehicle movement in mirror buildings

  • utra high shadows settings.. ultra low shadows setting

  • longer city names

  • tunnel boring machine

  • limit for loans

  • construction of pipelines or wires not directly connected to end buildings

  • pedestrian pass displayed on the road only when on both sides pedestrian

  • export/import via the ships/airplanes or helicopters not affecting the prices so much

  • panel road

  • merging unfinished infrastructures into bigger pieces (as in blueprint mode)

  • Possible to use custom house with construction office

  • Possible to use foreign workers from custom house

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