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Update #9

Updated: Mar 18

This update introduces a new Crime and Justice system along with three new buildings - Police Station, Regional Court and Prison. Crime and Justice will have an impact on the overall happiness and health of your citizens and will be affected by the overall government loyalty and unemployment.

Aside from the new Crime and Justice mechanics, the new update also adds the long awaited railway distribution office. Unlike classic rail schedules and lines, all the player needs to do is connect the source and destination buildings and the railway distribution office automatically decides when and where to deploy the trains and how many cars they should have for the job at hand.


Update #9 features:

  • Three new buildings available

  • Police Station, Regional Court and Prison.

  • Criminality added to citizen behavior adding a new layer of complexity and challenges for players to manage.

  • Criminality feature difficulty levels can be managed or even switched off by the player. -Additional duty vehicles such as police cars are now available.

  • Long-awaited railway distribution office has been added.

  • Many other gameplay and mechanics improvements.

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