Report for the Community #31

Greetings dear comrades of the Soviet Republic. It is a hot summer here in Slovakia so the workers from our heating plants can enjoy their sunbath on the beach, but our Firefighters have some extra work due to lightning storms. During these past weeks we are continuing to work on the new GUI. It was our focus, and it will not take too long until we will be able to release it to public test branch.

So let us talk about some improvements we made. First, we added quick stats, you will be able to see when you hover your cursor over elements on upper toolbar. You will be able to see quick stats about your citizens or economy and that should help You to make faster educated decisions to bring glory and prosperity to your Republics. Pictures are more than words in this case so you can check these screenshots. We think you will find good utility in these.

Then we were doing some changes for in-game window openings. We implemented automatically closing windows for different facilities. You can see a road vehicle depot as example in this screenshot. When You click on the facility to open its window the window opens on the right and automatically closes if you choose a different facility. If you want to keep the window open, you can move it or pin it. There will also be a setting to disable this feature and switch to current old version.

Next thing we were working on, was the rework for S1203. The model we had in the game was not the best. It was remade and more skins were added. In addition, we made new skins for other vehicles too. You will be able to use different skins for LZ100 truck. And there is more. Black skins for certain personal cars which were used by secret police were added too.

We continue to work on GUI for now and we hope it will be out on public test branch soon. Enjoy the life and stay tuned for the next report.

Thank You for Your Support

3Division Team

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