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Report for the Community #33

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Greeting dear Comrades of the Soviet Republic. Another 2 weeks passed away and we are ready to announce some good news. The internal test of upcoming version 0.8.5.X will started next week and now more people can provide us feedback about the new UI. We were able to fix some bugs recently, tried to tweak things, and we also expanded some mechanics which were not so much in use until now. So, let us speak about what was fixed or tweak and was not mentioned in previous reports.

Finally, we fixed vehicle movement in farms, hospitals, or similar buildings and more than one vehicle will be able to move inside. We have done some adjustments for railway signals when there are no chain signals or one-way signals in use. It means there should be less issues with trains accidentally colliding near two-way signals. Then we tweaked how distribution offices and forklift garages work and worked on implementation of government loyalty and secret police. But the classic police and crimes are not part of 0.8.5.X update, as it will come after.

There were several fixes for know bugs made. Distribution offices now can distribute alcohol to hotels, we fixed the issue with stopped production in heating plants and power plants. We added a code for process priority to “real-time” to avoid FPS drops on some systems, support for ZIP saves and the model viewer now has a scrollbar. We also corrected the dry bulk cargo capacity and loading/unloading electricity consumption. You may have some problems when loading/unloading materials directly to cement or alumina storages with road vehicles and you need to rebuild the facility in case these occur after the update because in old building the circuit breaker may be too low.

We tried to adjust income from tourism but in the last moment after we decreased it by about 60-70% we found a bug which caused incorrect calculations because not the workday cost was taken but immigration cost, and that caused weird imbalance between income from soviet and western tourist. This means we need another round of testing to see how it will work and how profitable it is. Then we changed how railroad builder sets behave if they do not have workers available. Until now they were stuck waiting at construction sites but after update, they will return to railroad construction office if there will be no workers available for longer than 50 seconds. We also added new checkboxes to vehicle production facilities, to allow assembly of the same vehicle with random skins or stop production after the last vehicle on the list is finished.

And now let us say something about government loyalty. This stat in workers life did not have much impact in the game but it will be changed. This value means how much loyalty citizens have towards the government. If the value is too low then citizens react more negatively when they miss something and if the value is below 30%, it may also affect citizen’s happiness and it will slowly decrease based on how low government loyalty is. If the value is high, then citizens react less negatively when they miss something, and their productivity will be higher. Those are the basics and now we can talk about how you can affect the government loyalty as we made some changes.

Previously you were able to raise it using radio and TV broadcast. After updating you will bet new ways and it can be quite complex in the end. Your schools, universities, orphanages, prisons, TV, and radio stations will affect government loyalty based on how loyal your teachers, professors and other staff working there is. The higher their loyalty will be the higher the loyalty of students will be. You will be able to restrict who can work in your schools and universities to have only the most loyal workers there if you have some. And besides schools, universities and broadcast we added two more thing that can affect government loyalty positively.

Personal cars will be the tool you will need when you do not have active broadcast of propaganda. You can give your most loyal workers cars and thus keep or raise their loyalty slightly. The better and faster the car is the more impact on loyalty it has.

Another way how to increase government loyalty will be have in your city monuments. However those can increase government loyalty only to up to 50%, for another increase you need to use different methods.

The secret police will have it's own role in the process too. Why? Because you will not know how loyal your citizens are to your government without the secret police. You will need them to investigate workers as their loyalty will be hidden and if it is hidden you may think they are loyal but, they are not and they may be allowed to work in your education and broadcasting facilities negatively affecting the loyalty of those listening to them.

We hope this will be nice addition to the game mechanics and we are sure there are people who will really enjoy this part of the game. But as it is for example with tourism, we will need time to tweak this when it will be fully implemented. And that is it for this report. Enjoy the life, be loyal to those who deserve it and stay tuned for the next report.

Thank You for Your support

3Division Team

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Miroslav Baťha
Miroslav Baťha
Nov 11, 2021

I miss the game on playstation4


Bill Bivin
Bill Bivin
Oct 26, 2021

when will you release crime and justice


peter igaz
peter igaz
Sep 12, 2021

Ahojte. do loajality by podľa môjho názoru bolo treba zarátať aj celkovú vybavenost občanov, či majú plne regále v obchodoch s jedlom, oblečením, elektronikou,.. ako vieme nebolo to za sovietskeho režimu samozrejmosťou. Keby bolo všetkého dostatok, ludia aj v skutočnosti by mali loajalitu vyššiu.


Wszystko Nie Tak
Wszystko Nie Tak
Sep 11, 2021

Shieeet, slowly, you are asking to be suicided by cccp for revealing how they work xD Keep it going!


Sep 08, 2021

I think the global education level should have an impact on loyalty too. Without low education it is easy to influence people.

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