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Special Announcement (War in Ukraine)

Greetings dear Comrades of the Soviet Republic. It is sad that we have to say that times of peace in Europe are over because Russia invaded a sovereign European country and now people are suffering due to ongoing war just behind our borders. We see this as an act of aggression against peaceful nation and people of Ukraine. Our hearts were moved, and we want to find a way how to help people in Ukraine who are bearing the consequences of violence in their lives.

We want to tell and emphasize that the our small core team at 3DIVISION is right now based in Slovakia, which is a member country of European Union and NATO. Slovakia share border with our NATO allies Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland, then neutral Austia, and lastly with Ukraine which is now in war with Russian Armed Forces. We are all safe, for now, if nothing crazier happens. We are also cooperating with people from all around the world who help us with some content, testing and managing of the community and some of them may be Russians or Ukrainians. No doubt, that Russian people did not wanted this war and we hope this war will end ASAP.

Ukrainian DLC

But the damage is already done and people behind our border are suffering so we decided to find a way to help them. We want to make a special Ukraine Theme DLC, which will contains assets from Ukraine. These may be buildings, vehicles, or other stuff. We are cooperating with our modder community because they can contribute and create graphical content that will be suitable to remind us about greatness of Ukraine's history and their people. The main idea behind is that the whole revenue from this DLC will be donated to those who are in need. We are in the earliest stage of creation of this DLC, and we did not decide yet where the financial help will go, but we will inform you further about the development regarding this. We hope this way we can together with you contribute in help to our eastern neighbor. We also want this DLC to be free for all Ukrainians if we find a way how to do it. Besides that, more content may be added later as we will try to release it as soon as possible.

We trying to help practically

Our offices are right now located in family house in the city of Košice. We decided to sign the empty rooms for the Red Cross, and first 4 people were accommodated, with options for more come as we free up additional space. We will support those people, buy food for them and take care about their accommodation. Also Peter joined for one day as volunteer at Slovak / Ukraine border and helped to serve hot drinks (coffee/tea) and other refreshments for people who have just crossed the border and saw how many mothers with small kids, are just running away from the country and are exposed to bad weather. Situation is terrible and bad, and everyone who believe that this is not so serious, should just visit the border to see the people or talk to them.

About the game theme

This game’s theme is inspired in Soviet past and the Republic we created in game is situated in between NATO and Soviet Union, just as Czechoslovakia or some other middle European country were in the past. You as a player is free to trade with both sides and you can be independent if you manage so.

There is no military in the game right now and many players like that the game is peaceful and economy oriented. You can get some vehicles or structures that have military character as mods but those will only serve as showcase of the greatness of your Republic and will not have any destructive character. Our hope is that we have taken something from the past that made sense from game's perspective and made it into a game where you can play and have fun, but in real life things are different. The real world is not that simple and not that peaceful as our game is.

Last words

The game is created to provide entertainment and it is not a manifestation of political beliefs and worldview of the development team. We never wanted to serve any political views to players, however all people should realize the war is just a very bad thing whatever your political views are because any politics which causes or excuses war is just bad politics due to bloodshed of innocent people..

There are always ways to resolve issues in a peaceful way, but this has turned into meaningless bloodshed. There are lies and propaganda spreading through internet and everybody needs to be careful not to get carried away in joining this war on the wrong side. This is one of the way, how this whole violence end soon and not grow out of control.

There will be no report this weekend as we had to adjust to current situation. Good news are that we made the water sewage update available for few of our testers so we can do some pre-internal testing now an fix critical bugs before releasing if for internal test. Take care and stay tuned for further information.

Thank You for your Support

3Divison Team

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