Report for the Community #5

Closer to open Beta release

Good News Comrades! The current version of the game is already as many tweaks and fixes were applied during last weeks and we would like to release the game for Open Beta branch on Steam next week.

What was fixed and changed?

Our focus during last week remained on planes and connected mechanics but there were plenty of fixes in other areas too. There were several fixes for airplane landing, slowing down and their lights. We divided airplanes into two groups (passenger and cargo). We added gear animations for the rest of the planes. We added new sounds and light to new buildings. We added warning messages about sowing and harvesting to farms and fields when seasons turned on (we got many requests because farms did not started sowing sometimes - this should explain why) and we have added graphic settings for citizens and their rendering was optimized. Beaches and playgrounds now do not work in winter. The attractive score for Ferris wheel was tweaked. Also, the mechanic for workers satisfaction during visiting an attraction was tweaked for instances when they are satisfying different demands. Ongoing epidemy will have impact on number of incoming tourists. We have fixed the issue when vehicle from depot was automatically sent to gas station and lost its schedule.

Finally something to show - our external graphic designer - Karel made several new Romanian vehicles and one high capacity dumper for the game.

And here is a short video to show you how airports and planes look like in current version.

An external sound studio (Grand Beats) is working on the new sounds for the game. First bunch of sounds will be released together with the airplane update and you can hear some of new SFXs in the video, but remember all is still WIP and some sounds still need to be replaced. :-)

Thank You for Your Support


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