Report for the Community #38

Greetings dear Comrades of the Soviet Republic. It is more than a Year already we started publishing these reports for you and over the time the greeting message evolved into this formal first sentence of the first paragraph. We know there are people from all over the world reading this and they speak multiple languages, many of them Russian and thus they would like to have “Priviet” in that sentence or if we look into our Czechoslovak History, then word “Zdravstvujte” would be useful. The “Greetings dear Comrades…” is simply English language related and these reports are written in English so you may expect that to stay the first sentence of our reports in future..

Everybody who is reading these reports is here because he or she is curious what is coming next and wants to find something interesting in those sentences and paragraphs after in introduction. So, what news do we have for you this time? Our game became three update numbers older, and we were able to deal with some bugs and fixe some crashes and errors. We will get to that later. The main addition we want to speak about in this report will be farms because we are updating the farm buildings as one of many steps towards giving you more options for certain facilities without need of using mods.

We are removing the old farm building from the game as it served as placeholder until now. You will not be able to build that anymore except somebody makes it a mod. But do not be afraid. We are adding three different farm buildings instead. You will be able to use small farms (6 vehicles), medium farms (12 vehicles) and big farms (30 vehicles). These buildings will work the same way as old farm was working but the vehicles parking inside will be visible and there are multiple vehicles allowed to move inside the farm. It will give you more options for your farming. With that will also come a renaming of these buildings because in real life the farm consists of multiple buildings and land which practically means that you have the building with farming equipment stored, silos, distribution offices, gas stations and fields which all together are the farm. We just need a little time to figure out how to call the facility with equipment now.

Next thing worth mentioning was the tweak we made recently for inflation. The inflation of dollar was reduced from 1-15% to 1-3% and the inflation of Rubles was reduced from 1-15% to 1-10%. This change will have significant impact over time but should not affect the gameplay overall. It may introduce some new options for some speculative trading though and there are certainly players who will try to exploit that because if we consider that the inflation for both currencies was the same until now, and now the inflation for Rubles will be higher, some people may try to use more Dollars as reserve currency. In the end it will cause mainly that your income or expenses will not grow so fast over time due to high inflation.

From other changes and fixes we want to mention that Secret Police duty vehicles now spend some time on site installing spy devices. We change the visuals for underground pipes to allow you to distinguish them. And finally, it will be possible to connect modded heliports to hospitals, plants, and fire stations. From fixes we made it worth mentioning that manufacturing of vehicles with random skins was not working properly and we fixed that. We also needed to fix road snap because in situation with densely built areas it was difficult to upgrade roads. We also tweaked pathfinding by increasing footpath penalty to prevent service vehicle from using them too much especially in winter and we also fixed signals near custom house because tracks inside customs were not taken as part of signal block.

We also started working on features which will be added in future, but we do not have images and more solid information about them for you now. You can read about those in future reports. Until then keep your happiness high, take care about yourselves and stay tuned for the next report.

Thank You for Your Support

3Division Team

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