Report for the Community #28

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

Greetings Comrades of the Soviet Republic. As the summer is coming, we start to experience higher temperatures here in Central Europe, and finally, after a while the restrictions are not so severe as were a month ago. We are happy we can have more freedom, because we all know that it is not good to be closed at home and work from home long term. We spent most of our time fixing and tweaking things in game during past months and we were not able to bring something big to You, but stay patient as more stuff will come.

The game is becoming big and there are lots of details we can miss. We added fountains recently and they are already available on public test branch (version, but as we mentioned we have forgotten about one small detail. We did not think about how these fountains will behave during winter. Just imagine, they are running with warm water during winter because there is no mechanic implemented to turn them off during winter yet. You know, Soviet engineering goes a step ahead and as our Republics prosper, we can afford to use warm water to run our fountains even during winter. They have no special function besides the beautification of your towns and cities though.

We replaced S100 and S1202 ambulance models. You will be able to purchase the brand new S1202 personal car and use the new colourful S100 models. Then we changed the priority of power plants. Now solar power plants and wind turbines will have higher priority, which means the power produced by them will be consumed first then the rest will be filled with other power sources. That will help you to save some fuel in your power plants and go greener if you really care about it. All these are now available on public test branch and next week they can be released to stable branch.

After adding underground wires, we needed to make several fixes and tweaks for these. One fix is for underground wire snap, another one is for electrical boxes of underground wires, which were not rotated properly when wires were connected to the building, and we added a little offset for electrical boxes to avoid collisions with electric poles. We also fixed the inability to copy vehicles through road depot window directly. Then we improved steering of ships and changed the voltage visualization to avoid too much flickering of voltage. Besides that, we reverted a small change with distribution offices which was causing them to send vehicles to load 0% of resources in some cases and we changed the way how terminals and harbors are being filled through pipes and conveyors to avoid infinity loops when they need to be supplied with fuel.

These are some of changes and fixes we made in past two weeks. We are working to improve the game before we start adding more new stuff, so you cannot hear many exciting news from us in past reports. We are also considering how it would be possible to use these reports to showcase some interesting stuff created by players in our great community. We know how some of You can plan and construct great looking facilities in the game and those can serve as inspiration for us or others who may doubt about possibilities this game provides for players. We hope that over time we will be able to provide you with tools which will help you to make your residential or industrial areas look more natural and realistic. You know and we know it too, it is not only about mechanics under the hood, but also about how your creativity unleashed and be shown in stuff you planned and built. Enjoy the life, have fun, and stay tuned for next report.

Thank You for Your Support

3Division Team

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