Report for the Community #24

Greeting Comrades of the Soviet Republic. As You know already, we released the upcoming update for public testing this week. There were no significant issues which would cause a delay, and now You can check all the new features if You activate the test version of the game on Steam. Just bear in mind there can be unknown bugs and we will be thankful if you will report them to us using Steam Discussion or our support page.

We were already able to make some adjustments and fix several issues this week. We added new hotkeys for wireframe, topographic, underground mode and near ping. We also added the possibility to build tunnels below buildings and new settings for notifications. It will be possible to upgrade bridges now using the proper upgrade tool. We adjusted the “Favourite star” to work only with right mouse button and decreased the load capacity of one of the RMN flat bed trucks because it had too much for truck not having a trailer.

We needed to make some tweaks for construction offices too. There was a possibility of helicopter becoming stuck in Construction Office and that should now be fixed. Then vehicles such as road cranes with higher top speed than 40 km/h will no longer be delivered to construction sites by flatbed trucks when the “Deliver mechanisms only by trucks” is checked. We also added a warning message to helicopter construction office inability of mechanism purchases until there is no helicopter with capability to take the mechanism to construction site. We also optimised building placement.

We do not have any other special news for you. We are slowly going through bug reports and working on fixing as many issues as possible. Besides that, there is not too much time left for other stuff now, but wewe able to improve helicopters graphically in the game. And please give a warm welcome to one of the greatest helicopters, the Mi-10. There are passenger and cargo versions of this with several skins available. And the cargo capacity of this helicopter exceeds the cargo capacity of other by a lot. You cannot utilize your helicopter construction offices without this beauty which was developed with our Soviet Allies.

We hope you enjoy the update if you choose to play the public test version. Stay tuned for the next report.

Thank You for Your support

3Division Team

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