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Report for the Community #91

Greetings, dear comrades of the Soviet Republic and all the fans of our game. Just a few days ago, we took another significant step towards completing our game by releasing version to all players. This update includes all the features we have discussed in previous reports, along with a few surprises not previously mentioned but noted in our changelogs.

A major addition is the larger chemical plant. This facility boasts nearly twelve times the output of the smaller version and requires 700 workers. It occupies a vast flat area, but managing this behemoth involves more than just space. Consider the increased volumes of hazardous waste and toxic water, along with the need for multiple medium voltage substations to power it at full capacity. Despite these challenges, the plant's efficiency and grandeur are undeniable. 

We also have a new variant of the cement plant. While not a game-changer in terms of production, offering about 20% more output than the standard version, it's a visual treat with more conveyor and factory connections.

As for essential buildings, we have added variations to the technical services. Previously, there was only one type with eight vehicle slots. Now, we introduce two more: one with four slots and another with fifteen. These should cover most scenarios, especially with the growing demand for waste truck services.

Road cargo stations now come in different sizes too. Say goodbye to the one-size-fits-all approach. We have added a smaller version with two loading/unloading spots and a larger one with six. This variety allows for more tailored logistics planning in your Republic.

Decorations and non-practical elements have also received attention. We have expanded the variety of fences and gates, including road, pedestrian, and railroad gates, to enhance roleplay and aesthetic appeal.

In terms of beautification, we have added more fountains, bringing the total to nine distinct styles. These can add a touch of elegance to your Republic's public spaces.

For the meat production enthusiasts, we have introduced a large meat storage facility. Inspired by a popular modded version, this new addition features refined textures. Remember, proper power is essential to prevent spoilage.


Other noteworthy additions include different variants of railroad aggregate loading/unloading and liquid railroad loading/unloading stations.


These updates reflect our commitment to maintaining the Soviet theme of our game. We focus on enhancing gameplay and providing practical variants, prioritizing utility over aesthetic diversity. This approach aligns with the centralized planning ethos of our game's world. For those seeking more variety, our vibrant modding community continues to create diverse and imaginative options.


This report does not cover every new addition but highlights those we find most interesting and useful. We hope you enjoy discovering and utilizing these new features in your Republics.


That concludes our report. Enjoy life, game on, and stay safe. We look forward to sharing more updates in the future.


Thank you for your support,

3Division Team.

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