Report for the Community #9

After a week of break due to holiday season, we are back with another report. The health situation in our country is critical and we are still in lockdown with severe restrictions, but we were able to spend some quality time with our families and get some rest to jump into 2021 with full energy. There was a bit less activity from the development team after the open beta branch was switched to stable version, but now we are gearing up to our usual pace.

From new features in development, we want to mention new option to set different resources for each wagon of the train. It is planned to be added in 0.8.4 and you will be able to load and transport multiple resources on single train, even those which cannot be mixed, by dedicating certain cars to be filled with certain resources exclusively. That is a feature which was requested a long time ago and we think it can improve the logistics significantly.

Another important thing we want to mention is that the price of the game was slightly increased from 22€ to 25€ or from $25 to $30. It is based on decision not to separate some features which were meant to be part of a DLC later. This way there will be only one version for all with all essential features and DLC will come after the game leaves its Early Access stage.

From among fixes and tweaks we want to mention the recent changes of birth-rate. After the deathrate was indirectly decreased by lowering accidental health damage to citizens, we needed to lower the birth-rate because the population was growing too fast. In the first try we lowered it by 40%, but that seemed to be too much, so it was additionally raised by 20%. We still need some time to observe how this will affect some already developed maps, but it may be close to being balanced now.

Thank You for Your support


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