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Report for the Community #86

Greetings, dear Comrades of the Soviet Republic and all the fans of our game. Last week, our usual dispatch was postponed due to an exciting venture. We ventured to Košice for the Game Days event, immersing ourselves among fellow game developers. Our absence was felt, but rest assured, the time was well spent, and we communicated our attendance through our Facebook page.

With the Game Days behind us, we dove back into our development efforts, tirelessly forging ahead with campaigns and other features. A noteworthy milestone was achieved only a few days ago—we released the first two campaigns for internal testing.

However, the heart of this report lies in the modest additions and tweaks we've integrated recently. Our vehicle fleet has expanded, welcoming two western road cranes and a hefty dumper. Take a glimpse of these mechanical beasts in the accompanying images.

Our attention was then captured by an issue reported by bballjo, who meticulously tested different road junctions in a video. He observed vehicles engaging in maneuvers that were less than ideal on one-lane roads. Thanks to his detailed feedback, we pinpointed the problem: vehicles did not factor in the entry direction into junctions, much like they would on a railroad. We've recalibrated the pathfinding algorithm, and now it should direct traffic more sensibly.

Another longstanding anomaly caught our eye—the gravel bed beneath the rails. A visual quirk, present since our game's inception, caused incorrect lighting.. We've peeled back this layer of invisibility, ensuring the gravel now basks in the limelight it deserves.

Last weekend wasn't all work; Game Days also provided a rare opportunity for our team to bond. We set up shop with a kiosk, showcasing our game, but the highlight was the personal time spent together, alongside a few members of our inner circle who could join us. If you missed this occasion, we encourage you to mark Game Days 2024 in your calendars. It's not just about us; Košice has much more to offer for the curious explorer.

That concludes our update for this week. While there aren't any groundbreaking announcements, it gives us space to refine and polish, inching closer to a full-fledged release. Yet, the journey ahead is sprinkled with challenges, and we count on your patience and support.

In the meantime, remember to live your life to the fullest. Enjoy gaming, stay safe, and keep an eye peeled for our next report.

Thank you for your unwavering support,

3Division Team

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