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Report for the Community #84

Greetings, Comrades of the Soviet Republic and fans of our game! As the seasons change, we all know the struggles of shorter days and longer nights. While nighttime has its own charm, it also comes with challenges, much like in our game.

The darker nights in our simulation have created visibility issues. While realistic, we understand that gameplay should also be enjoyable. That's why we've decided to lighten the nights a bit. This change will especially help YouTubers, making it easier to showcase their in-game experiences.

Today, we’re focusing on Quality of Life improvements. New icons will now show when buildings or constructions are turned off. A red 'X' will appear near the icon, making it clear that the structure is inactive. This will save you from scratching your head, wondering why something isn't working.

We're also introducing a visual cue for items marked for demolition. This red mottled highlight will make it easy to spot what you're about to tear down, reducing the chances of accidental demolitions.

In addition, we’ve added new alerts for waste management. These notifications will help you find issues at container stands and waste dumps much quicker.

For those who use construction offices, you'll be pleased to know we've added an option to disable auto-search before placing the office. This will give you greater control over what gets built and when.

For path planning, we’ve introduced a new tool to help you consolidate fragmented paths into longer, continuous sections. This will be particularly helpful for organizing underground pathway tunnels.

We're not stopping there. We're also looking into improving Construction Office (CO) efficiency. Specifically, we aim to fine-tune how COs allocate workforce to various sites, ensuring a more logical distribution of labour.

We want to extend a special thank you to our CZ/SK community and, in particular, Jan Mitiska. Their role wasn't just to offer suggestions but to serve as curators of ideas, collecting valuable input from various players and presenting them to us in an organized manner. This collective effort has been immensely helpful, and it's a model we would love to see replicated across all our communities. If you have ideas, suggestions, or constructive critiques, don't hesitate to compile them and bring them to our attention. We're always listening, and it's this kind of collaborative spirit that helps us enhance the game for everyone.

That’s all for today’s update. Stay tuned for more improvements and, as always, enjoy your life beyond the game as well.

Thank you for your support,

3Division Team

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