Report for the Community #8

As the end of this year is closing in and we are slowly entering the holiday season, we continue to work on fixing issues, players and testers found in beta test, to be able to switch beta into stable. The last week was about bug fixes and it would not be overly exciting to write about them, but some progress was made. We also made some tweaks to epidemy global event, mainly to make it less common and changed its impact on population.

From among new features, we want to mention the change we made for workers moving on foot. Until now they were walking only on roads and pathways and they disappeared when they reached the building. That is going to be changed. We want to have them moving not only outside buildings but also inside, because some of them have some exterior areas.

We read requests for implementing walls and fences to the game. You know there are still people who want to build the wall for different purposes or just make some fences. We are answering these and walls and fences will be added to the game. Currently we have two kinds of these as work in progress. One is a thick wall, like the wall, which was built in Berlin, and the other is more like a fence. You will be able to draw lines of walls in the game in future.

Next week the holiday season starts here, in Slovakia which means we will have some extra days of to spend with our families. It is not going to stop the work, but it may affect it. In addition, we have new broad national lockdown starting on Saturday 19th here in Slovakia which will last until 9th January. It means that life will slow down because many facilities will stay closed, but travel and commuting to work are not restricted. There will be at least one more report like this before the end of the year.

Thank You for Your Support


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