Report for the Community #7

Another week has passed, and we are closer to Christmas. The focus was on fixing critical issues which were found in test version, but we started to work on new features for the game too.

Another thing we want to mention is the brand-new 3DIVISION logo which you may have noticed while starting the public-test version of the game. And we have a new company website

There are two requested features we started to work on. First is „batch upgrade“ of roads, sidewalks and rails. The idea is to allow players to select a rectangular area in which all roads or rails will be automatically marked for upgrade. This may save lots of clicks when players want to upgrade roads.

Another improvement, which is work in progress, is the selection for both „copy of area“ and „batch upgrade“, which are going to be aligned to camera view.

Then we are giving modders option to add custom WAV sounds to vehicles in workshop. The documentation will be added soon into the forum. Meanwhile you can check first and second workshop items as samples, for how to do that.

We were tweaking tourism by reducing profitability of hotels, changing the way how tourist are being charged for using of Public Transport and adjusting the number of tourists generated at borders. Some sounds needed to be rebalanced and the follow camera focus (depth of field) was adjusted.

We had some feedback about wrong size of trees, so we reduced the size of some of them. There was a problem with camera moving or rotating after Alt+Tab is used and that was fixed. We fixed an issue when bauxite mine and quarry were working even when their excavator was out of the building while on its refueling journey. Then there was an issue with 3x plane parking when the plane was not able to start in some cases and we fixed that.

You may be interested in knowing about inspiration for our vanilla building which are in the game. Here you can check some pictures of the town Košice where most of the prefabs can be found in real life. Find in photos the buildings like, medical university, prefab apartments, communist party HQ or the town hall. And a challenge for you, in couple of pictures, there are the apartments for students/hostels barely visible. Who can find them? :-)

Another requested feature are underpasses and overpasses for pedestrians. These are going to be added in version 0.8.4. Check out a little preview of what another update, which should be released in early 2021 will bring.

Thank You for Your support


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