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Report for the Community #51

Greeting dear Comrades of the Soviet Republic. You may be aware that as we were written the Content Update #10 with water treatment, sewage management and realistic traffic system was released as stable version of the game. We want to remind you that the game is still in early access and much more changes and updates are coming this year and you will see many new notable features added to enrich the game for better and more challenging gameplay. The game cannot have everything though for the price it is being sold so bear in mind that not all ideas we have, or the community suggest will be implemented.

The temperatures here in central Europe are slowly rising and soon there will be lightning storms pouring tons of water upon the face of the earth. Why do we mention this? Because we want to introduce another new feature which relates to water flow and erosion. We were thinking about making the terrain more realistic and we produced a new tool for terrain editor which will change the random generated terrain into something more realistic. It can also serve to smoothen imported maps.

But video is way better than thousands of pictures.

Next interesting change we prepared is the change for borders which will not have to be square anymore. You will be able to define any shapes of borders in editor to create diverse shapes of your Republic. We are aware that you would like to have different dimensions for the map too. The map is currently 20x20 km and square shaped. Just take these new borders as a small step with possible more steps in map editing coming. But we need to think a bit about that before we will do more changes.

We want to thank everybody who bought the Ukrainian DLC. We sold about 2500 copies which is a donation about 10.000 € for now. We will inform you about any future developments because we want to be transparent. All the money will be donated to Ukrainian Red Cross which as a neutral organization should not look at nationality and help anybody who needs help in the country devastated by war.

We hope you are doing great, and the development of the game and the way of our lives will not be interrupted with something silly due to all the global tensions. We want to thank all who participated in the testing of latest update because without you we would not be able to finish that. We wish you success and lot of fun while playing or living your real lives.

Thank You for Your support

3Division Team

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