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Report for the Community #49

Greetings dear comrades of the Soviet Republic. Soon we will celebrate International Worker’s Day as there is only one week of this month of April and May will come soon. The time when spring is in full swing and soviet pigeons may try to make it in your unoccupied balcony gives us another opportunity to share some good news about development of the game as we finally can move on and show you first images of the upcoming underground (metro).

It may not look like a big deal but there were quite a few things discussed in connection with this update and we will reveal them later. For now, we can show you some of the trainsets which will operate on our underground (metro) lines. Of course, there will be a new type of above ground tracks for moving in between depos and underground tunnel sections.

There is a lengthy list of tweaks, we have made recently based on feedback from public test version. We increased the power of water pumps and added deeper sewage pumps. Then the throughput of treatment plants was doubled and pollution for water sources was fixed. The pollution of direct sewage discharges was adjusted to give players a reason to use sewage treatment. Also, the desired quality treatment setting for treatment plants is now in +/-2% instead of 5%.

And then some new water trucks (Rmn 135, T138, T148) were added and also mixer and dumper animations for rest of vanilla vehicles.

Thank You for Your support

3Division Team

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