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Report for the Community #47

Updated: May 12, 2022

Greetings dear Comrades of the Soviet Republic. Spring has arrived and Summer Daylight saving time was set. Finally, we feel a bit warmer beams of the Sun here in Europe which means it is the proper time to initiate the development of many successful new Republics in our game because as you may know March is the month when every new Republic is born.

We finally made another step in the development process and now the current water and sewage treatment update is available for internal testers and few YouTubers out there. This way, you can see the new stuff and mechanics if you wish, because it will take few weeks until the updated game will be ready for public testing. You can get some inspiration and prepare to enjoy all the new features with new challenges the game will offer to you this way.

As we are gathering feedback from our testers and working on fixing critical issues, we spent some time improving some graphics to make the feel of vehicles a bit more realistic. We were focusing on some details, and we added support for dumping dumpers and mixing concrete mixers. Modders can have a look at vanilla models to see how it works, and then prepare a specific mesh with its definition in vehicle's .INI with the centre of rotation.

Then we added support for turning front wheels. Turning wheels are automatically detected if they are in front part of the vehicle with centre of the wheel not being too close to centre of the vehicle’s model. Some models have the front wheels separated but many of them do not have this feature so we will need to rework those models. This should be easier with single turning front axel vehicles but there may be some multi turning front axel vehicles or even turning rear axel vehicles like harvesters or forklifts which may require special treatment and those may not work properly for now.

Next small detail we paid attention to are direction indicators (blinkers) for vehicles. These are active only with Complex traffic simulation turned on and work in crossing where you have main and side roads connected or where traffic lights are.

We also updated the road connection rendering to make better radiuses and naturally better-looking roads. Another feature we already mentioned in last report and will help you with your planning is the grid snapping which will work while the grid will be turned on.

These are few of details which will enhance the game we were able to implement and now we keep focusing fully on fixing critical bugs and processing the feedback from our internal tester to deal with most of critical issues and tweak the mechanics before the update will be released for public testing. This may take a week or two and we will keep you updated as usual through these reports or new changelogs. We look also forward for the next update which will come after this which will be focused on underground (metro) and some connected improvement. For now, this is all we have for you. Do not forget to enjoy some outdoor activities, stay safe and tuned for the next report.

Thank You for Your support

3Division Team

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