Report for the Community #45

Greetings dear Comrades of the Soviet Republic. As we are closing to the end of this winter season, we are closer and closer to another content update for the game. Our focus during past weeks was fully on things connected to water and sewage. There are quite a few issues we need to deal with, and, we want to make the game better for you, because there are lots of things you need to consider while planning and building up your wonderful republics.

Because of this we want to introduce the new City Planning Tab. It will be available in overlays, and it will be useful while planning your residential areas. Thanks to this feature you will be able to see how you are doing with coverage of facilities that provide satisfaction of needs for your citizens. You will be able to see how the access to different goods, education, and services is, and how is the connection to different networks like power, water, or sewage.

Of course, we also updated other tabs in overlays adding water and sewage features to help you see how much water flows through water distribution network or your sewage network. You will

be able to see how high the consumption of water is like you can see it with power consumption.

We are slowly coming closer to finish the water distribution system. We dealt with power consumption recently and worked on effects of pollution on water distribution. As we mentioned in previous reports, the cleaner the area around water source will be, the cleaner the water will be and the less treatment it will require to be safely drinkable. The player will be able to decide if he wants to dump sewage water directly into the river and cause high pollution or he will run it through sewage treatment to clean it a bit and create lower the pollution caused by dumped water.

We hope all of you are excited to see these new features and learn to use them. We believe these will add more options for difficulty making the game more challenging, but also offer you some improvement for your planning process. Just remember, we were a bit late with crime and justice update, and thus there may be a small delay in release of this update even the Road map shows this month was our main deadline. It is only one week left before February ends and we will continue to do our best to prepare this update for internal testing, so please be patient, as we do not want your republics to collapse releasing it prematurely. Until then, may your crime rate stay low and your workers productively happy and you satisfied not only while playing the game but also in real life. Stay tuned for the next report.

Thank You for Your Support

3Division Team

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