Report for the Community #41

Greetings dear comrades of the Soviet Republic. We are less than week away from the upcoming holiday season and as we mentioned in previous report there is a surprise, we prepared for you. Unfortunately, we are not able to fully implement and balance crime and justice before Christmas as we planned but at least we can release the update for testing this week to find out what else may be wrong with the game after rebalancing workers happiness and productivity.

We will release in upcoming days a small update for all players with brand new Christmas lights! You can use it to decorate your cities or other areas. Of course, Christmas is not the only reason you may use these decorations to give your Republic a special look and feel.

Regarding the balancing issues we mentioned we just do not want to hurry as in upcoming weeks there are so many other things in our lives, we need to face due to this season, that it would not be worth just to push the update for the sake of the deadline because it may break the game. We have done some testing and made some adjustments already, but there is still a need to see more scenarios in which the actual balance may be manifested.

The overall idea behind the rebalancing is to offer players more options how to manage happiness, health and productivity and add more difficulty for those who like to be challenged by the game. But the game is about development of republic by building residential and industrial areas, and managing workforce and resources, not a survival game where you should be punished for every mistake. So, we want to avoid players getting into slow death spiral due to mechanics when they would waste their time in attempt to salvage their republic when there is no way to recover it. Our goal is to give you options to boost happiness or productivity with some trade-offs.

Productivity will have more impact in future as it has now because with 50% productivity the output of fully staffed facility drops significantly. This may lower your overall outputs and slow your progress. On the other hand, we need to be careful with critical infrastructure like power plants and heating plants or shops where the drop of productivity may cause a disaster as it can break the balance in already existing infrastructure. It is especially critical for those who do not auto build using rubles and dollars because for those it is not so easy to rebuild power or heat distribution network in brief time. These are just some of potential concerns we have regarding game balance.

There are few ways to play the game and we want to keep that in mind. The game offers different challenges for those who build using money and for those who build using construction offices. For those using money the aspect of time has different meaning because they can instantly adjust their infrastructure if they have capital for that, but they may overextend easily and thus loose workforce in the process. On the other hand, building by yourself takes a lot of time and we need to keep a reasonable pace for population growth over time even on hardest difficulty because the difficulty level will also have more impact on overall gameplay though workers happiness and productivity. We will give you more details about this in upcoming reports after we make all necessary tweaks.

We hope you can wait few more weeks as the release of crime and justice update is delayed. If you wish you can get the update earlier on public test branch when released but bear in mind the potential risk for your existing republic. You can always go back to earlier save but you may loose some progress if things go wrong after you switch to test version. And feel free to provide feedback or report bugs if you find some using Steam Forums or our support page. Time is coming to spend some quality time and have fun during this holiday season with our families, not only with the game. Do not forget that it is important for your overall happiness and productivity. Enjoy this time and stay tuned for the next report.

Thank You for Your Support

3Division Team

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