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Report for the Community #4

The Fall of Socialism

Last work week in Slovakia was shorter. On Tuesday 17th November we had a national holiday which we celebrate to remember the fall of socialistic regime. This is important to mention because many people may misunderstand the inspiration we draw when creating the basics of this game. We are glad that the regime has fallen because there is more freedom than there was before.

We are living in a country where you can see what was created in the past by soviets and we have certain appreciation regarding the architecture and you can see that in the game partially.. But we do not like the political aspect of soviet era because it limits freedom of people and probably there would not be such a game if we would not have the freedom to decide to do something which is not in 5 year plan of the Republic and invest our own money and time we to create some profits for ourselves and offer entertainment for people.

There are calls for implementing those terrifying political aspects of soviet era into the game because people want to repress their workers and control them instead of taking care of their needs and making them happy. The game itself is an utopia which cannot exist in real world as there are always people who want to have power, who want to control and satisfy their own selfish needs at any cost by repressing and manipulating with lives of others in name of some ideology they use to gain power. If you look back socialism is never about what people want and need but what political leaders proclaim as their ideology. Because of this, workers in the game have more freedom than many people in real life have and players are responsible to take care about their people first to be successful economically. If you do not care about your workers, then they may escape, and you lose your workforce and thus the economic power.

This is important to remember in future developments because there may be new things implemented regarding citizens. Maybe there will by some tools how to control your population but if you will do too much against them, the response may be significant affecting your workforce and reminding you this is Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic, i.e. workers and their welfare are important.

We want this game to be great in offering you some reminder about soviet era. There may be options added which will offer players more repressive playstyle, but the workers’ happiness and government loyalty can be utilized as tools to make the regime’s life a bit harder as consequence of player’s choices. We are against human rights repression in real life, but it can be somewhat tolerable in game where you play with pixels and algorithms.

BTW: If you would like to see some historic and authentic videos about socialism in Czechoslovakia, we recommend to check out this channel:

Planes had some issues

Most of the time during last week we were concentrating on planes and their mechanics as there are still issues regarding their pathfinding on taxiways and runways. They tend to behave strangely and choose wrong way or get stuck. Four new cargo planes were added, then the Tu-144 which is an alternative to French Concorde. Then sound engineers implemented the basis for plane sounds. For next week we will able hopefully finalize

The current version of the game is now The profits from tourism were decreased again. Some inaccurate calculation with bused from Construction offices when they took not as many workers as were needed in construction, were fixed. The range of substations powering lights on taxiways and runways was doubled. Then some issues Construction offices had with constructing runways, taxiways and plane parking were fixed.

Thank You for Your support


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