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Report for the Community #39

Greetings dear comrades of the Soviet Republic. We bring you news once again, and as you anticipate, we can finally give you some information about new features you can expect to be delivered into the game in December if everything goes according to our plans. Our latest small updates brought you those new farm buildings and some fixes. Additionally, we created a new category for Hostels/Student homes and the cursor in underground mode has white color now. Not too much other to say as the changelogs are quite short. But we can give you something solid about upcoming Crime and Justice feature now.

In Report for the Community #30 we already mentioned that there will be three new buildings connected with Crime and Justice. Police Station, Regional Court and Prison. You will be able to decide if you want to play with this feature or disable it to lower difficulty similarly to fires or seasons. This feature will have impact on overall happiness, even health, and will be affected by overall government loyalty and unemployment.

Every citizen will have a hidden preference “Criminality.” It will be randomly generated in people and if crimes will not be solved, it will cause growth of crime rate. As we mentioned earlier low government loyalty and high unemployment will have their impact on crime rate too. There will be three groups of crimes: Mild Crime, Medium Crime and Serious Crime. If crime is committed all people in area will be affected depending on crimes’ seriousness. Their happiness will slowly decrease and even their health may go down because there are crimes that can cause harm to other people.

If crime happens you will need police to come to the crime scene. The sooner the police vehicle arrives the better chance you have to successfully investigate the crime. After the police takes evidence the process of investigation continues for a while and only when the crime is fully investigated, then it proceeds to Regional Court where the Trial starts. After the successful trial, the criminal is being sent to prison.

You will need to have the highest possible prison security in prisons. If you will not have enough workers (warders) in your prison, the prison security may go down. You can achieve 100% prison security only with highly loyal warders. You will need to bring food, meat, and clothes into prison. Naturally, the prison will not have any factory connection because it needs to be secure, and you will need to bring it there directly by trucks.

You will be able to use your prisoners as workforce. Prison buses will serve to transport them to factories or other industrial facilities directly. We can easily imagine somebody making large complexes with prison and some mines in a remote fenced area to create a feel of extra security. It would just not make that much sense to bring prisoners into your airplane production line.

We hope this will give you more options to play with and add an extra layer of complexity and difficulty which is optional for those who like to be challenged by the game. It will give a bit more reasons to you to keep lower unemployment rate and higher loyalty. You will also have more types of duty vehicles driving on your roads making them look more realistic. You know police vehicles everywhere as in real life because people are corrupted and commit crimes from time to time or even quite often. So be careful, do not do silly things and police will not come to you. Do not commit crimes, care about others, enjoy the life and stay tuned for the next report.

Thank You for Your support

3Division Team

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