Report for the Community #34

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Greetings dear Comrades of the Soviet Republic. We are back again with new report about the current state of development process. Sometimes it looks like we are making only small steps and you cannot see significant progress, but these small steps lead to the goal of our journey which is a great product, the game we all love. Besides the usual fixes and tweaks during past weeks we were focusing more on the overall vision where we want the game to be when it will be fully released. We made plans and now we have a clear roadmap with certain deadlines in it, and the ultimate deadline is the end of Year 2022 when we want to be the game ready for the broad gaming public. It will be a long ride though as we need to work hard because we want to introduce quite a few content updates, introduce some new mechanics, add new things (some of you were asking for) and we think we can do it and make this game one of the best games of this genre out there.

This is now actual road map. The old road map will be no longer updated. But don't worry if you not found your favorite feature in the road map. It may still be added in future, as post 1.0 release update, or many of the smaller features may be just added into any of the upcoming update.

The next month we have mentioned on our roadmap is October 2021. We want the GUI update to be ready not only for public testing. You may already know what will be included in that because we have shown some images of the new GUI. There will also be the government loyalty update with secret police implemented, and you will have finally some use for those great black soviet personal cars. It will also give additional function to other personal cars too. And we will probably see lot of new monuments created by community as they will have there use in your Republics too.

Besides that, we will introduce new kind of building for certain group of citizens. Until now when parents died, their children died together with them. But this update will give you opportunity to build orphanages and take care of children who lost their parents. These children will become residents in orphanages and your workers will care about them raising them up and giving them what they need to become the future of your successful Republic. You will need to provide food and clothes for them, and they will thrive. Additionally, if their tutors will be loyal, they will follow their example and become your loyal workforce as they grow up.

Of course, as it is with any other added stuff, we encountered some issues like 1 year old tutors taking care of their inmate in orphanages. But do not be afraid, the word inmate was a temporal phrase for orphanage residents. This information can show you some bits of issues we need to deal with during development process. There are people who often ask the question: “Why we do not fully debug existing features of the game before adding new ones?” Our answer for them is, that with every addition to the game we run a risk that something already implemented may break. That means we may spend hours fixing something and then after adding new stuff we need to do it again. That is waste of time. It does not mean that we will not fix critical issues though. It just means that we keep adding new features first to be able to debug the game in later stages of development process.

Now let us mention some of those small improvements we made during past weeks. You may be familiar with the list of vehicles shown in window for platforms and other stations. We changed it and now you will see the list of lines connected instead of list of vehicles. Another thing we added is that you will now see the number of tasks connected to distribution office when you open its window. The limit will remain 20 for one distribution office and we suggest you use more than one if you need to work with more than 20 facilities. We are quite happy with updated profitability of tourism as after running some tests it seems to work as it was intended. It will not be the industry that will serve as golden goose, and it will not be good as all-in early game strategy as its profitability is dependant a lot on your ability to produce supplies for tourists’ facilities. You may get a little bit more than if you would export those resources and use the industry to make money using workforce mainly without polluting your cities. Then we are happy to tell you that we started to work on building mirroring as we consider it is an important feature based on feedback we received from players.

The current update is not available on internal test branch yet. We have done lot of pre-internal testing and we were able to fix plenty of issues that way. There is still some work to be do, so you need to wait few weeks until the update will be available for public testing. Please stay patient until then, take care and stay tuned for the next report.

Thank You for Your Support

3Division Team

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