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Report for the Community #32

Greetings dear comrades of the Soviet Republic. Another two weeks have passed in our lives and development process, and we are more experienced and have latest ideas to work on with some progress we all made in life and work. We were focusing on some improvements and tweaks besides some exciting new stuff which will come later into the game, and we want to share with you what is going to be changed in upcoming 0.8.5.X update.

Let us speak first about tweaks we made. We are going to change the mechanic how 21+ older citizens living with their parents behave. Currently they can relocate to any free residence in walking distance of their parents’ residence. In upcoming update, they will be able to relocate to any free residence in the whole map, but they will prefer free flats in walking distance and areas with lower unemployment. This will help to distribute the young working generation automatically throughout your whole Republics and will lower escapes. The next thing we decided to tweak is the income from tourism. We lowered it by 70% and that means it will not be so profitable and lucrative as it is now. You may expect more changes in future though because we need more research to balance it, so take it as still work in progress.

Next thing we adjusted was the loading of vehicles onto a train. We raised the limit from 15% to 50% which means, that if a train is waiting to load in a station and the station can load certain amount of cargo, but it loads only 40%, it will be counted as there is not enough to load and if it has no “Wait until loaded” ticked, it will leave the station. This can be subject to change in future too. We also made fire vehicles able to overtake trolleybuses without power and removed the ability of a train to load through turned off conveyor engine. There will be a lot more and we will release a changelog with the update to inform you about changes.

And now let us talk about something we never mentioned before because it is new stuff we started to think more about only recently. We want to add underground train network to the game. It was one of options the underground mode can offer to us in future, but we have only few ideas and new graphical content for this feature now. It should be a system of tunnels where you will have stations with above ground and underground parts, then other stations with only underground parts and the only way how to get into them will be though underpasses. Next it would have a special type of train which would be able to travel only in tunnels or special fenced above ground track, which would not be possible to cross by any other infrastructure and would serve as connection to underground system.

It requires time to solve some issues like how to place signals, power the network, or if to go with single directional network only. We hope we would be able to make it work, but we would appreciate some suggestions and advice from people who may have some understanding about underground networks. You know we do not have any underground in Slovakia and the closest underground is in Vienna, Budapest, or Prague. If You have any ideas and you think they may be useful, you can create a thread on Steam Forum to share them and discuss them with us. 😊

This underground feature is a matter of further future though, as we are currently working on the GUI update (0.8.5.X) which we will release in few weeks, and after that we will fully concentrate on police update which will come after that. Enjoy the rest of this summer and stay tuned for the next report.

Thank You for Your support

3Division Team

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