Report for the Community #3

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Internal Test Branch updated to

There were lots of bug fixes and improvements made during last week thanks to reports and suggestions of our internal testers. The team was focusing on bug fixes, adjustments and was even able to add something new. The list is long, but we can mention some interesting points for you.

We have now lights on runways and taxiways. Currently they work similar to road lights and are on only if they are in range of a substation. Maybe this will be adjusted a bit as having several substations around the airport does not look very nice.

Modders will be able to add lights of different colors or intensity to buildings and even allow them to blink on high structures as warning signals for planes. Then parts for building editor will allow several different textures (skins) which allows people to have the same kind of balcony or window in different colors and thus add variety when creating a building in the editor.

Now you will be able to see the city/area highlighted while you open its window. It will help players to see where are the borders of that area which is useful when you want to have local stats available in your town hall.

Some adjustments were done for train pathfinding because sometimes trains chose to go on a long detour caused by red signal on shortest way. This should not happen anymore.

Then new icons for buildings window were added which will allow players to sell all vehicles or place them all home. This was highly requested feature.

New Railroad Production Line

One bug players were encountering a lot was the limitation in Railroad Production Line when they tried to make trainsets which were too long and not able to fit into its railyard. Now there is a new model available which allows much longer trainsets to be built and there is a new script which should not allow you to construct trainsets which cannot fit there anymore. But the length should allow you to build trains of any reasonable length.

There is an aggregate unloading and a ER1 trainset in the picture for length reference. A

Some balance changes

Tourism was found too profitable, so the amount of money tourists are spending especially in hotels were decreased. The chemical consumption for aluminum chain was a bit high so the amount of chemicals needed for alumina and aluminum plant was decreased while the amount of electricity required in aluminum plant was increased. Planes take-off and landing distances were increased, and airport terminals now require heating.

We still cannot tell you when the update will be released for Open Test Branch on Steam, but we hope it will be a matter of one or two weeks to allow you to enjoy these new features in the public test and give us your feedback. Then we would like to release these updates for Official (Stable) Branch, at latest, before Christmas.

Thank You all for Your Support


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