Report for the Community #27

Greetings dear comrades of the Soviet Republic. You may be aware, that this week was great for all of those, who decided to wait and not participate in playing with beta test branch of the game. We finally went through most of bug reports and were able to fix or tweak the game enough, that it was suitable to be released on stable branch. Both public branches are now version with all the best of soviet helicopter engineering available. But this does not mean there are no bugs anymore, as we are still in early access. We just think that the game is now stable enough to be available for all players out there. Here is the latest update's trailer, if You missed that.

We also fixed an issue with Construction Office Buses which were being sent for tiny number of workers wasting resources and workforce that way. This change of mechanics is affecting helicopters too and it should help to use your vehicles for workforce transportation to construction sites more effectively. We also revisited the scheduling for road vehicles to allow you to add the same station multiple times into the schedule in a row with different tasks. And we added a warning for missing road connection for buildings which are connected only by pathways but require road connection for ambulances and firefighters to approach. This is required for buildings which have vehicle station slots.

And now let us jump into something new, to additions which were requested for a while. First of these will be an option to assign construction sites to multiple construction offices at once. You would be able to activate this mode by clicking on icon next to the Cloning ea icon and then you will have the tool available under search tool on right side of the screen with multiple settings. This will allow you to assign constructions of construction offices faster with less clicks, simply by choosing construction offices you want to use and then selecting the construction sites you want to assign. Just keep in mind this feature is not available yet.

Next thing you all will love, will be underground power lines. Yes, you read that right, our soviet engineers finally figured out how to transfer power using underground power lines. This simply means that Your cities and towns will have options to have less power line pylons, and it may offer You more room to build actual buildings instead of power line jungles. This feature is not available yet, but it will come to public test version soon.

We hope You all enjoy the update. Our focus now switches to new features and we will inform You about some of those in upcoming reports. Until then stay tuned and have fun.

Thank You for Your Support

3Division Team

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