Report for the Community #26

Greetings dear Comrades of the Soviet Republic. First time ever we are releasing this report two weeks after the previous one was released. We have released two public test updates ( and since then with plenty of fixes, additions, and tweaks. The most significant one is the added option for dynamic sun when starting a new game or changing the settings for existing game. With this we are saying goodbye to old times when we had the sun rising and setting in the north. It may have some effect on overall performance and because of this the setting is optional. Anyway, this option will allow you to see Your Republics in slightly different light and offer You different angles for creating amazing screenshots.

During last weeks we were working on optimisation for field placements. There were several reports from our testers how this mechanic behaves a bit strangely and fields were cut inappropriately in some cases. There were several tweaks made to pathfinding mechanic to avoid too many detours, prioritisation of one-way roads or tweaks for slow vehicles. Then there were several tweaks connected with fires. In first case the resources stored in a burned down building were not destroyed with the building but were present in storage when the building was rebuilt. You may argue it is caused by soviet superior storage management, but we consider if these facilities are not protected by soviet fire department effectively, the stockpile of resources inside should go with them. But You know whom You should blame, because for sure that was a Western Sabotage not Soviet weakness that caused the building to burn down. We still have firefighter helicopters which can extinguish fires even without workers, but as road vehicles have priority sometimes happened that a building was burned down because of weak fire brigade fighting the fire. Now if those fire engines will struggle with fire a helicopter will be called to help extinguish the fire, as for some cases You really need each hand and all available engines to be present to avoid disaster.

We also had some issues with distribution offices. In one case the distribution office was ordering trucks to load infinite % of goods. In another case when the distribution office was burned down and rebuilt, it was shown twice in window of connected facility. Then we made some tweaks for notifications. The sensitivity of train collision notification messages was decreased and the notifications for not working asphalt of concrete plants due to no vehicle present for export were fixed, in addition with attempt to fix heating plants stopped production notification in case of no heating is needed. Just bear with us in case of these notifications because it will need some time until we reduce the amount of spam You need to face especially in case of quite developed maps. But still it was a huge step forward to help You build Your awareness about what is really happening in Your Republics.

Some fixes were made also in connection with construction offices. Helicopters sometimes got stuck in construction sites which were built in cooperation between Construction Office and Helicopter Construction Office, because the construction would finish before the helicopter arrived. In some cases, the Construction Office stopped working because the construction site became unreachable. Sometimes there was an issue about helicopter missing platform when delivering mechanisms to construction site.

Another thing we added, may be useful for some people playing on weaker computers. There will be an option to save some video RAM decreasing texture details with Windows 7 DX11.0 launch option by rewriting “$INT OPTIMIZATION_SAVE_VRAM_TEXTURES 0” to 1 in config.ini.. Then we added some new tags for workshop buildings as people created some mods which were not fitting into any existing tag category.

We really want to thank You all, who are participating in testing and reporting issues, because as You can see, there are things not working correctly, and we cannot have any clue about these, if there is nobody playing the game and documenting these issues, which may be quite meaningless, but in the end, it is still an issue which can and should be fixed. And we hope we will pass through this period of fixing and tweaking based on Your reports soon, to start focusing on new features and to be able to present You new images of things which will be added to the game in future. But to give You at least something new to dream about we want to mention fountains and other water squares inside buildings. It may seem to be only cosmetic stuff, but in the end we all want our cities to look great and we are working on these kinds of structures.

Thank You for Your Support

3Division Team

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